Political elections 2022, the latest news. Berlusconi: Mattarella must resign with presidentialism

Silvio Berlusconi on Radio Capital says that if the presidentialism passes, Mattarella must resign. Letta warns: after Draghi now Mattarella, dangerous right. The electoral campaign brings up the President of the Republic, while doubts are raised by the center-left and even the radical right about the sincerity of the FdI leader, Giorgia Meloni, who filed away fascism in the presence of the foreign press. At least a belated demarcation for most, only strategic for others, with the corollary of new requests as proof, such as the removal of the iconic reference to the MSI in the symbol of the Brothers of Italy. Meanwhile, the center right presented his program for Italy, personally signed by the leaders of the coalition. Here too, doubts remain: in the text in 15 points more than a split would be camouflaged. The former historical forceist Maria Stella Gelmini blesses thealliance successful between Renzi and Calenda and he bets on the continuity of the relationship between the two “pillars” of the nascent third pole: “They both believe in it and have made generous and uncomfortable choices. Now we will steal votes from everyone”.

Towards the elections: the start of the election campaign in real time

Scalfarotto: “After removing Draghi, FI tries with Mattarella”

“Not content with having caused damage to Italy by depriving us of a great Prime Minister, at Forza Italia they are already planning to make us lose a great President of the Republic. If these are the moderates of the center-right, let alone the others”, so on Twitter internal undersecretary Ivan Scalfarotto of Italia Viva.

Fratoianni: “Berlusconi full of resentment for those who worthily represent the institutions of the Republic”

“Even if worn out by age, the Caiman remains: insensitive to respect for legality, ready to do anything to grab favors and tax privileges, full of resentment for those who worthily represent the institutions of the Republic and the best of Italy. One more reason. to stop Berlusconi and this right on September 25th “. The national secretary of the Italian Left Nicola Fratoianni writes on Twitter, commenting on the words of the president of Forza Italia on presidentialism.

Serracchiani: “Dangerous right, after Draghi also Mattarella away”

“After dropping Draghi, the right today announces that if they win, they will change the Constitution and demand Mattarella’s resignation. That’s why we say they are dangerous for the country. #NonsiTornaIndietro”. Debora Serracchiani, group leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber of Deputies, wrote it on Twitter.

Boschi, it is surreal to ask for the resignation of Head of State

Asking Mattarella’s resignation is surreal, it’s something out of this world. ”Maria Elena Boschi, head of Italia Viva in the Chamber, told Radio 24.

La Russa: “I understand Berlusconi, but first thing is to get to presidentialism”

“I believe that now first of all we need not to undermine the path to presidentialism, then we think about everything else, we need to avoid obstacles”. Ignazio La Russa, Giorgia Meloni’s right-hand man, questioned by AdnKronos on the words of Silvio Berlusconi, on the necessary resignation of Mattarella in the event of a green light for presidentialism, comments in this way: “I understand and appreciate the concept in general” expressed by the leader blue – he underlines – but the real problem is getting to presidentialism, everything else takes second place “.

Piero De Luca, deputy leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber: “This right is scary”

“Here is the true face of the right. First it presents anti-European constitutional proposals, maintains ties with Orban and Vox and opposes the PNRR. Then it brings down the Draghi government. Now it launches new anathemas against the Constitution and President Mattarella. This right is scary” . Piero De Luca, deputy leader of the Democratic Party in the Chamber writes on Twitter.

Bonelli, from Berlusconi assault on the Colle. It’s extreme right face

“Berlusconi’s attack on the President of the Republic Mattarella shows the true face of this alliance or that of the far right. It is an assault on the institution of the Presidency of the Republic to ask for Mattarella’s resignation in the case of the constitutional amendment in a presidentialist key. . They have no sense of respect for the institutions, which is why we believe that all democrats, ecologists and progressives and all those who care about the defense of institutions must be united in this challenge to defend our institutions and above all the Presidency of the Republic. Every limit has been exceeded “. Thus in a note the co-spokesperson of Europa Verde Angelo Bonelli.

Carfagna: safeguarding the Quirinale

“I hope that the Quirinale is not dragged into the electoral clash: the figure of Sergio Mattarella, in this moment of confusion, is the cornerstone of respect for democratic rules and the main safeguard of Italian credibility abroad. We all voted for him and the its role is a guarantee for everyone, questioning its continuity is not good for the country “. Thus the Minister for the South and Territorial Cohesion Mara Carfagna.

Conte: “Center-right drops the mask: presidentialism and partition agreement”

“With the words of Silvio Berlusconi, the center-right has dropped the mask, admitting that the constitutional reform in the presidential sense of which he speaks prefigures a simple partition agreement: Giorgia Meloni premier, Matteo Salvini deputy premier and interior minister, Silvio Berlusconi first president of the new presidential Republic, after having obtained the resignation of Sergio Mattarella “. So Giuseppe Conte, on his social channels. “We will not allow the institutions to be bowed to the ravenous logic of the right-wing forces”, he concludes.

Valeria Fedeli (Pd): “The worst right ever”

“When we talk about the worst right ever, we mean this. The tampering with the Constitution they want to do is worrying. It is not a moderate and modern right. It is a reactionary and dangerous right that must be stopped in the elections.” So the senator of the PD Valeria Fedeli.

Meloni: “Presidentialism is a serious reform”

“Presidentialism is a serious reform that is also economic, thanks to stability it is possible to give confidence to investors”. This was stated by the leader of FdI, Giorgia Meloni, on Radio Monte Carlo.

Anzaldi: “Berlusconi against Mattarella puts the PNRR at risk”

“Berlusconi’s declarations on President Mattarella are irresponsible and unacceptable for the attack on the head of state and the constitution, and very serious at European and international level: thus putting EU funding from the PNRR and financial stability at risk”. The deputy of italy viva michele anzaldi writes on twitter.

Di Maio: “Berlusconi’s disquieting statement on Mattarella’s resignation”

“We are with the progressives and we are opposed to the right-wing coalition that with Berlusconi has declared a disturbing thing about the presidency of the Republic, that Mattarella must resign”. Thus Luigi di Maio, Foreign Minister and leader of Civic Engagement at Radio 24.

Calenda: “The Knight is not in himself, he should not be elected”

“After having kicked out Draghi now also Mattarella. I don’t think Berlusconi is more in himself. Berlusconi, it’s not Mattarella who has to resign but you who don’t have to be elected. We are working on it.” So tweets the leader of Action, Carlo Calenda.

Calenda: “Carfagna is a champion but has only been in action for a short time”

“I think Mara Carfagna is a champion but she joined a party a few days ago and we hold conferences. The same goes for Elena Bonetti from Italia viva, who is very good”. Thus Carlo Calenda, leader of Action, answering the question about why the former Forza Italia minister did not become the leader of the Third Pole, in the study of Agorà broadcast on Rai 3. And on the hypothesis that this is the outcome of the clash between two Alpha males (Calenda and Renzi), Calenda added: “I am definitely a Beta male as anyone who follows Crozza and reads about my wife knows. Here there is no Alpha male, I am Betissima”.

Calenda: “Low polls? Passion and righteousness always pay”

“Low polls? I’ve always paid for my choices, for example by not being a minister.” Carlo Calenda, guest of Agorà, on Rai 3 says so. “But passion and righteousness always pay off”.

Berlusconi: I exclude the Senate presidency

“I did everything to convince my European friends, I received reassurances which then led to the recovery plan”. Silvio Berlusconi said this to Radio Capital. “I did my part,” said the former prermier. And on the electoral campaign of the left: “Low profile. They’d better talk to us about their programs and their ideas, if they have any.” The Knight has ruled out “absolutely” to aspire to the presidency of the Senate.

Letta: “After Draghi, now Mattarella. Dangerous right”

“If today there is a point of unity in the country it is Mattarella and now after having brought down Draghi they want to bring down Mattarella”. So Enrico Letta speaking to ‘Radio too and commenting on the words of former Prime Minister Berlusconi on presidentialism. The center-right “attacks Mattarella while we – he said – defend him. The fact that the center-right begins its campaign with an attack on Mattarella and the request for resignation shows that the right is dangerous for the country”. “This declaration is the demonstration of what we say: to beat the right the only alternative is to vote for the coalition that was born around the Democratic Party”, observed the secretary of the Democratic Party.

Lega presents the program of the center-right coalition

The League presents to the Interior Ministry the program of the center-right coalition with 4 coalitioned parties: Lega, FI, FdI and centrists. Each party of the center-right alliance will have its own political leader. For the League it is Matteo Salvini. This was announced by Roberto Calderoli who has been in line in front of the Viminale since 7.30 this morning.

Berlusconi: “If the presidentialism passes, Mattarella should resign”

Presidentialism enhances democracy, in France and the United States what happened in Italy is not possible, since after my government there was no government elected by the people “. Silvio Berlusconi, host of Radio Capital, says this.” presidentialism should come into force – explains the blue leader – Mattarella should resign, then maybe he could be elected again. “” My candidacy? Well, let’s stay with current things … “, he concludes.

Iv and Action with a single symbol, Calenda political leader

In seventh place in the row at the Viminale for the presentation of the symbols, there are Iv and Action that run with a single mark. The political leader is Carlo Calenda.

First three symbols deposited

The Italian Liberal Party, the Maie (Italian Associative Movement Abroad) and the “pacifist” Catholic Holy Roman Empire are the first three to deposit the symbols at the Interior Ministry for the September 25 election. They will now enter in groups of 5.

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