Political elections 2022, the latest news: how to vote today

It is the day of truth after the summer election campaign, unique in republican history. And for the first time we vote with the chambers cut (400 deputies and 200 senators). Seats open from 7 to 23. Almost 51 million Italians are called to the polls, 4.7 million abroad. 51% are women and 2.6 million adults who will vote for the first time in the Senate. There is a strong risk of abstention: 35 percent the figure estimated by analysts. And one in 10 Italians could decide only in the last few hours. We vote with the Rosatellum, which provides for a mixed system: one third of the parliamentarians are elected with the uninominal, the others with the proportional. A result, the Italian one, followed with attention (and some apprehension) in the rest of Europe. Yesterday the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov spoke on the political vote and attacked the president of the EU Commission von der Leyen: “Arrogant over Rome, he is like a dictator”. Also from 7 to 23 there is also a vote for the renewal of the regional assembly in Sicily. The scrutiny, however, in this case, will only begin tomorrow.

Zingaretti votes and thanks on twitter “Those who fought for our freedom and to guarantee this right”

“It is democracy. Thanks to those who fought for our freedom and to guarantee this right.
We vote. “Thus on twitter Nicola Zingaretti, president of the Lazio Region and Pd candidate, posting on his social networks a photo inside the electoral section in which he voted this morning.

Letta voted for the Testaccio seat

Democratic Party secretary Enrico Letta has just voted in his seat in Rome at the Edmondo de Amicis professional technical institute in via Galvani in Testaccio, Rome. When he arrived, he shook hands with some voters who greeted him as they entered.

Salvini votes and breaks the electoral silence: “The more people vote, the more the government will be strong on the expensive bills”

“It will be complicated months, there is an emergency on bills, expensive living and heating. We have already been working for weeks with the Lega’s technicians to be ready and reactive in Italy and in the EU. The more people vote, the more strength the player will have. new Parliament, the new government, to intervene in the emergencies that will not fail “. Thus, the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, after having voted in the polling station in via Pietro Martinetti, in Milan, breaking the electoral silence. “For the League – underlined Salvini – this is the first great battle to face and win”. Then he added: “I can only thank all the Italians who will vote, because today will be a good day of participation. The more people vote, the more Italy will be strong and politics will be legitimized”. Salvini then thanked the Italians “regardless of who they vote for”. And he assured: “From tomorrow I can’t wait to go back to governing this extraordinary country with a cohesive, coherent and center-right team”.

Salvini votes in Milan. Outside the polling stations: “League? First, second or third at the most”

“I count that the League is a parliamentary force on the podium: first, second or third at the most”. To say it is the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, who stopped to talk to journalists after voting in Milan. “From tomorrow, no more chatter and from the commitments we move on to the facts, we have clear ideas. When the Italians vote, the vote is sacred”, he added. And to those who asked him if fourth place would be a defeat, Salvini replied: “I play to win, not to participate”.

Elections: Mattarella votes in Palermo to applause

The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella voted this morning, at 8.45 am, in the “Giovanni XXIII – Piazzi” school in Palermo. The head of state anticipated his arrival at the institute in via Rutelli, to avoid coinciding with the commemoration ceremony for the killing of judge Cesare Terranova and marshal Lenin Mancus, which took place on 25 September 1979 in the same street. The head of state voted, as usual, in section 535, greeted by applause from the tellers and people present.

Electoral card, here’s what to do if it’s lost

It is necessary to show the electoral card, together with a document (valid or even expired, the important thing in this case is that the voter can be identified from the photo) before entering the ballot box. The electoral card is issued by their municipality of residence to anyone over eighteen, the offices in charge will remain open on 23, 24 and 25 September from 9 to 18 on 23 and 24 is in the voting day for the entire duration of the voting operations, i.e. from 7 am to 11 pm on the same day. The Ministry of the Interior recommends voters who need to renew their card to go in time to the electoral office of the municipality of residence, “in order to avoid a concentration of requests for renewal in the days immediately preceding and during the voting period” .

Here’s how you vote

The ballots that will be delivered to the voters are two, one pink for the Chamber, and one yellow for the Senate. The facsimiles of the ballot papers were released on September 16 by the Interior Ministry. As always, we also vote in prisons and hospitals, including Covid departments. Elections are about 146 single-member constituencies for the election of the Chamber of Deputies, 67 single-member constituencies for the election of the Senate of the Republic, and the related multi-member constituencies (49 for the Chamber, 26 for the Senate) for the proportional allocation of seats. Among the warnings, in addition to bringing a document with you, it should be remembered that children will not be able to accompany their parents in the voting booth and within the latter mobile phones cannot be introduced or similar devices. Read the full article here

Polls open in Sicily where you can also vote for the Region


Ballots open from 7 am this morning and until 11 pm also in Sicily, where, in addition to politics, there is also a vote for the election of the President of the Region and for the renewal of the Sicilian Regional Assembly. After the closing of the polling stations, the ballots for the Policies will begin to be scrutinized, for the Regionals it will be necessary to wait until 2pm on Monday. There are six candidates for governors and about 900 aspiring to the 70 posts as regional deputy. They run to succeed Nello Musumeci as president of the Region: Renato Schifani (Center-right), Caterina Chinnici (Pd and Centopassi), Nuccio Di Paola (M5s), Cateno De Luca (Sicilia Vera), Gaetano Armao (Action – Italia Viva) and Eliana Esposito (Free Sicilian Independents).

Seats open, almost 51 million Italians to vote

Seats open throughout Italy for political votes for the renewal of Parliament. Almost 51 million Italians called to vote: among them 2,682,094 new adults who will set foot, for the first time, in a polling station. On paper there are 50,869,304 voters, of which 4,741,790 abroad; of the 46,127,514 voters in Italy, 51.74% are women and the remaining 48.26% are men. An important day for the country which is weighed down by the unknown factor of abstention. The voting operations will end at 11 pm. In Sicily, voters will also vote for the renewal of the Regional Assembly.

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