Political elections 2022, the latest news: Pd lists launched, Cirinnà renounces

After a series of postponements, the PD management in the night finally launched the lists for the political elections on September 25th. Together with the exclusions – sensational in Tuscany that of Luca Lotti -, the step backwards of Senator Monica Cirinnà stands out, communicated through an announcement with polemical tones. “My parliamentary adventure ends here, tomorrow (today, ed) I will communicate my non-acceptance of the candidacy. They proposed me a losing constituency in two polls, they are territories unsuitable for my issues and with a strong right-wing roots. Pd you can go to Parliament without me, it’s a legitimate choice. I’m staying in the party, I’m a leftist woman but luckily I have other jobs “. And she concluded: “I did not vote on these lists but I believe that others will also give up”. Today is also the day of the M5S “parliamentarians”. From 10 to 22 the activists of the Movement will be able to choose the candidates for the Chamber and the Senate online: there are 2000 names on the list.

Towards the elections: the start of the election campaign in real time

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Key points

  • Lotti (Pd): “My exclusion? A political choice, no one hides behind cowardly choices”

Pellicani (Pd): “This time I won’t be a candidate. I’m sorry”

“This time I will not be a candidate in Parliament. I do not hide the fact that I am very sorry because I would have liked to continue the abruptly interrupted activity for another term”. The Venetian deputy of the Democratic Party Nicola Pellicani announces it on Facebook.

M5s parliamentarians: 10,000 vote in one hour

More than 10 thousand people have expressed their preferences on the skyvote platform in the first hour of the M5s parliamentarians.

Lega: “We will definitively cancel the Fornero law”

The League has clear ideas about social security: we want to make Quota 41, the woman option and the social Ape structural. They are all alternative systems to the unfortunate Fornero reform – defended by the Democratic Party even if unjust and wrong – and which can be freely chosen by Italian workers. The head of the Labor Department of the Lega Claudio Durigon and the undersecretary of the Mef Federico Freni say this in a note. According to the exponents of the Lega “there will be no sustainability problem: thanks to Quota100 the basin created by the Fornero law has been eliminated, which for many years prevented people from retiring. With the interventions proposed by the League, the objective of canceling the reform of the Monti government, thus also guaranteeing more space for young people looking for their first job and allowing 800 thousand people in a three-year period to enjoy a well-deserved rest after a life of sacrifices, as 400 thousand have already done thanks to Quota 100 “.

Fedeli (Pd): “I will not be a candidate in the next elections”

“As you will have seen, I am not a candidate for the next Parliament. I will continue my political commitment in the area, to continue looking for solutions that improve the lives of people, especially women and young people”. Thus the senator Pd, Valeria Fedeli, in a note. “This is what I have always done, first as a trade unionist, then in parliamentary and government activities. I spent almost all my work experience in CGIL, starting in Milan as a representative of kindergarten teachers, then in the public service, at Rome, to the point of dealing with textiles and made in Italy also at a European level “.

Letta replies to Salvini: “Crisanti Pd candidate? Fortunately you didn’t manage Covid”

Does Crisanti’s candidacy with the Democratic Party explain so many things? “Yes, exactly. Even from this tweet we understand many things. Like that fortunately Italy was not governed by Matteo Salvini during Covid”. This is the answer that the secretary of the Pd, Enrico Letta, reserves for Matteo Salvini who wrote on Twitter: “The tele-virologist Crisanti candidate with the PD. I think now we understand many things”.

Calenda (Action): “We need an extra month’s tax deduction”

“To deal with inflation, Draghi has allocated more than 40 billion. What we are proposing in addition is to give companies the possibility to pay an extra month with tax deduction and deductible, recovering 50% with a transferable tax credit. It means a salary. gross = extra net “. Carlo Calenda writes it on twitter

Magi: (+ Europe) “Berlusconi loyal to the EU? Read Meloni’s proposals”

“Today Berlusconi announces that he would never participate in a government majority that is not based on loyalty to Europe and the West. Berlusconi must have escaped the proposals for constitutional reform, of lepenist inspiration, first signed by meloni aimed at establishing the primacy of national law over European law and international law. Just a beautiful loyalty to Europe, the West and our allies “. Thus the deputy and president of + Europa Riccardo Magi.

Salvini: “The televirologist Crisanti candidate for the Democratic Party? Now I understand many things”

“The televirologist Crisanti candidate with the Democratic Party. I believe that now we understand many things”, Matteo Salvini writes on Twitter with the verb “I believe” preceded by the hashtag to mark the slogan of the election campaign of the League.

Rosato (Iv): “On the Letta lists you avoid moralism”

“I notice that Letta continues to criticize the formation of the lists in 2018. He did exactly the same thing last night. Everyone is free to make their own choices, but intellectual honesty and decency should prevent one-sided moralism. “. So the president of Italia viva Ettore Rosato on social media.

Lotti (Pd): “My exclusion? A political choice, no one hides behind cowardly choices”

“The choice is political, no one is hiding behind cowardly excuses”. Luca Lotti writes it on Facebook, commenting on his exclusion from the electoral lists of the Democratic Party. “The secretary of my party – continues Lotti – has decided to exclude me from the lists for the next political elections. He communicated his choice to me, explaining that there are names of a higher caliber than mine. who until a few months ago were spitting poison against the Democratic Party and which today almost by magic find themselves a safe place on our lists. I don’t know. But that’s the way it is “.

Dario Stefano (Pd): “In Puglia no leading woman. No shame?”

“The desire of Letta and Boccia to ‘transform this traditionally male-dominated party into a feminist party that gives space to women’ ran aground with the replacement of the Pd group leaders in the Chamber and Senate in 2021. In Puglia, no women leaders. No shame? “. Senator Dario Stefano writes it on Twitter who has just decided not to run for the next election, also returning the card of the Democratic Party.

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