Political polls, Calenda at 2% with Action after the break with the Democratic Party

Who goes up and who goes down in the surveys before the vote. The piqued response of the MEP on TV: “Pollster of the Democratic Party”

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Bad news for Carlo Calenda and his party, Action. According to a Quorum / YouTrend survey for Sky TG24, after the tear with the Democratic partythe formation of the MEP would barely reach 2%.

Political polls: news and updates. The center-right advances, the center-left moves back

It is probably the most interesting news among those of a survey, which, for the rest, does not distort the photograph taken before the breakup of the leader of Action with the dem: compared to a week earlier, in the voting intentions of the citizens advances the center right And back away the center left.

Notably, the coalition currently ahead in the polls is progressing thanks to a reinforcement from Come on Italy And Leaguewhile the forces that, united, oppose the right, through an alliance with the Democratic Party, take steps backwards due to the breaking of an agreement that Letta had already signed with Calenda.

It was Calenda who broke the pact already made with the Democratic Party.Photo source: ANSA

It was Calenda who broke the pact already made with the Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party lost, in the survey, the1%. IS grown up instead the Five Stars movementdespite Alessandro Di Battista has put an end to the speculations of his possible candidacy.

Polls before the vote: who goes up and who goes down, how are the Brothers of Italy and the Democratic Party

The percentages assigned to parties in poll Quorum/YouTrendin detail, and compared with the previous week, are the following:

  • FdI is at 24.2% (stable)
  • The Democratic party is 22.3% (-1.1%)
  • There League is at 14% (earned half a point)
  • The Five Stars movement is at 10.6% (+ 0.7%)
  • Come on Italy reached 8.9% (+ 0.9%)
  • Italian Left / Green Europe is 3.9% (-0.1%)
  • ItalExit is at 3.2% (+ 0.6%)
  • Action is at 2% (here a comparison with respect to seven days ago is missing, as Calenda’s party was taken over with + Europe)
  • Italy Viva is at 2.2% (-0.4%)
  • Civic commitmentthe new party of Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, is at 1.5% (-0.3%)
  • + Europe is at 1.6% (previously recognized with Share)

These percentages are susceptible to strong variations, as the undecided they abstained in Italy there are many: 38.7%. In short, much will change in the days immediately preceding the vote.

Calenda and 2% of Action in the polls. Him: “He is the pollster of the Democratic Party”

“Us at 2%? The data is from Youtrend, which is the pollster from + Europe he was born in Pd. They are the only pollsters who do surveys while no one detects why people are on the beach ”. So the leader of Action Charles Calenda on Rai 3.

“They are the same ones who gave us 0.45%, when we then took an average of 8 at the administrative offices. Yesterday someone – continued the MEP on TV – said that this pole could reach 15%, tomorrow another will say something else. I don’t care, there’s a month left until the elections, let’s make it simpler, let’s wait for the elections“.

carlo calenda

Photo source: ANSA

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