Pollo Cervinho’s ex-partner reported for suspected child abuse: Announcer’s message

Allegations of abuse against Pollo Cervinho

In the last few hours Cynthia Garciaformer partner of alexander chicken Cervinospoke about their ordeal with journalists and accused them of “the most outrageous child molestation compounded by bonding” against their mutual son when he was five years old.

Juan Pablo Gallego, the plaintiff’s lawyer in a case in which a famous broadcaster is being investigated for allegedly sexually abusing his 8-year-old son, refused to testify in court last Tuesday, demanding his arrest and denying the story is true. Gesell declared that the boy’s expression on camera was “overwhelming.”

“There is countless evidence against him, including his son’s statements.is now 8 years old and the skills the child has developed make his story believable,” he said. Theram lawyer. He further argued that “the defendant’s psychological expertise is consistent with the crime,” and pointed out that “his mother’s (Cynthia Garcia) statements also corroborate the case.”

Gallego acknowledged that the announcer attended the hearing on Tuesday where the charges and evidence were read, but refused to testify. “We are requesting an arrest for this crime, which carries a potential sentence of more than 20 years in prison, and there are procedural risks in a case like this, including the risk of flight,” the lawyer explained.

Gallego assured: “Two months ago, the Gesell Tribunal was held, attended not only by the judge and the prosecutor, but also by defense attorneys and experts, and the children’s statements were overwhelming.” Given this, he considered it “possible” that the speaker would be indicted, and estimated that a request for arrest “will be decided within the next few hours.”

From discovery “Sufficient elements and strong evidence of a serious and outrageous crime of sexual abuse aggravated by the relationship.”Rosana Valeria Meyer, deputy prosecutor at the Quilmes Justice Department, called the announcer on Tuesday to give an investigative statement. The case is being handled before Judge Martín Miguel Nolfi of the Second Guarantee Department of Quilmes.

Charge against Pollo Cervinho
Charge against Pollo Cervinho

The child’s mother and the ex-wife of the announcer who reported the abuse called for Cerviño’s arrest in a video distributed on social networks this week. “In 2020, my son, who was five years old, told me that he had been subjected to unusual acts of violence and abuse by his father,” said the woman who filed the complaint. Similarly, he criticized that “the judiciary protected the father for several years” until Mayer took over the case in late 2022, replacing prosecutor Alejandro Ruggeri, who has been on unpaid leave for two years.

“I recently took up this case and when I looked at the evidence I found it to be very convincing, but I did note that the justice system in Quilmes was very slow on this case. We’ve been pulled, so we need another push,” Gallego concluded. .

after that, garcia He elaborated in an interview with his attorney. they How the driver physically attacked her and her son. “The violent attacks started when I started noticing strange behavior in my child,” he said. “During quarantine we decided to leave the house “I had a series of very strong withdrawal seizures and I hung my baby under the shower.”

“I didn’t know what was going on. I knew it was something strange, but I never suspected it…I couldn’t imagine it. At one point I thought it was from the school. That’s what I thought, except that I was working long hours, and he was either at school or with his father.I later found out from what the boy said on the Gesell camera. “He drugged me at night so I could sleep and give birth to a free baby.” he commented.

The former radio presenter said he put her to sleep so he could be alone with his children at night, adding: “Even when he doped me, sometimes to take him out of the house and into other people’s houses.” It was,” he said.

Based on publicly known factual information obtained from social networks, rock pop They shared a short text that hinted at what happened, but did not go into details. “Based on the publicly available information regarding the charges against Alejandro “Polo” Cervinho, Rock & Pop believes in justice and looks forward to a speedy resolution and clarification of the facts,” they said on the radio. did.

Rock & Pop Statement
Rock & Pop Statement

Until now, the announcer had refused to testify. Instead, this Monday, she TV program I decided to break the silence through a WhatsApp message. “My priority is my son. He is 8 years old and has been subjected to brutal revelations. I am awaiting judicial proceedings to prove the false accusations against me and my family. He will be able to speak soon. I’m sure. I’m sending you a hug.”

If you are a family member, a victim of sexual violence, or know someone who has been, please call 137. We provide nationwide, free, 24/7 support, assistance, and assistance.

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