Polly Pocket releases a collector’s box that fans of the series are (already) snatching

It’s already been 19 years since Friends has bowed out on American television, after ten seasons and 236 episodes with international success. But even today, the comedy series, carried by Jennifer Aniston or Courteney Cox, continues to fascinate fans around the world. Enough to give ideas to some brands. This is how Mattel decided to imagine a Polly Pocket Friends box. This compact box – which is shaped like a coffee cup – includes six characters (Monica, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, Chandler and Ross), 9 accessories and recreates three iconic sets from the sitcom: the Central Perk cafe, Rachel and Monica’s apartment but also Joey and Chandler’s.

Among the accessories of the box, we find in particular a turkey with sunglasses, which will therefore allow the biggest fans to replay THE mythical scene of episode 8 of season 5. In this episode broadcast for the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States – and among the most cult of the program -, Monica put a turkey on her head and started a little dance, to be forgiven by Chandler after a revelation about their past.

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This Polly Pocket collector’s box has obviously seduced the fans of the series (and those of the 1990s): released this Monday, July 24, it is already sold out (sold out) on the Mattel website. However, it is still available – for the moment? – on Amazon, at the price of 54.99 euros. The platform, on the other hand, announces between 1 and 2 months of delivery time.

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