Polo Valdivia revealed whether he was thinking of separating from Claudia Conserva

This Thursday airs a new chapter of “Brava”, a documentary in which Claudia Conserva shows her Fight against breast cancer.

and in other emotional moments, Polo Valdivia Gave Assurance He never thought of separating from his wife.

“When the oncologist spoke at some point, he spoke to me separately and said “I’ll tell you right now, Many men leave their wives as soon as they find out about the diagnosis. And especially when it’s breast cancer, ”recalled the entertainer.

“There are many people who think of him, Anticipate some discomfort, pain or whatever the procedure implies And many fled, not a few. So, it occurred to me that I felt the opposite.

“I said, this is the moment to give back everything he has given me and the generosity he has always shown me. I’ve never doubted that this is my place, to be with her, not to be apart, neverAdded Polo Valdivia.

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Polo Valdivia: “That my sorrow should not be noticed”

On the other hand, the husband of Claudia Conserva referred How did you deal with your pain?In the midst of this complex landscape.

,There have been moments of sadness, pain and cryingBut more personally, I tried not to show it, tried not to let them see me that way,” said Polo Valdivia in the documentary “Brava.”

“I realized that it was better to eat that pain myself and that my grief, my suffering, was basically not so noticeable. persevering and having positive emotional support Which was needed at that time”, highlighted the TV+ animator.

Claudia Conserva, for her part, took advantage of the event to thank his family and send a powerful message of sympathy.

“It’s a family drama and I I am lucky that I have a family that loves me.The husband who accompanied me to every chemotherapy did not leave me alone even for a moment… becomes manipulative, sometimes unbearable, living with a person with cancer is very difficult”, assured the communicator.

“And I was able to do it with a family where everyone rushed to help me and see that I was okay. So I want through this documentary if there’s anyone who’s been through this and Your partner may be a victim of some disease, be patient with him. That she understands that it does not depend on one, that there are things that transcend one, that it is complicated, that one feels really bad, ”Claudia Conserva reinforced in her intimate record.

Credits: Screenshot tvn

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