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The new set-top box allows you to watch selected programs in 4K quality. – Polsat Box 4K Lite set-top box is compact, lightweight and state-of-the-art. It provides great image quality, functions that allow you to watch content regardless of the TV schedule, Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth remote control. This device means freedom of access to entertainment of the highest quality and freedom of choice – in line with our slogan “You rule. Choose your everything, ”says Tomasz Grzymała, head of the TV offer department at Cyfrowy Polsat, which provides Polsat Box services.

The functionality of the new decoder

The Polsat Box 4K Lite set-top box is also a new duo functionality on the market, available only to Polsat Box customers. It allows you to freely switch between satellite TV and cable IPTV within the same TV offer and one package fee. The new set-top box also has a Wi-Fi module, and thanks to the Polsat Box Go application, it allows access to an extensive library of VoD materials. According to the platform, the advantage of the device is its small size.

The Bluetooth remote control is a wireless technology that allows you to smoothly control the set-top box regardless of obstacles in the form of walls or furniture. Subscribers who choose the new set-top box will also receive access to Polsat Box Go, an application that provides free and ad-free access to series, sports, entertainment and many other content from the subscriber’s TV package, and additionally up to 100 TV channels on mobile devices, when, and wherever he wants, as well as additional paid content and packages. The decoder also allows you to stop, rewind, play from the beginning and watch selected materials up to 7 days from their broadcast, as well as cloud recording (service available in satellite TV and IPTV).

The Polsat Box 4K Lite set-top box is available in satellite and Internet TV offers in the loan formula – for PLN 1 with packages with a permanent commitment from PLN 60 / month. and from PLN 49 for offers with a lower subscription fee. In the satellite TV offer, the Polsat Box 4K Lite set-top box can also be selected as an additional set-top box in the multiroom service. Thanks to the duo function, by selecting the satellite TV offer, we will also be able to use IPTV cable TV as part of the same package.

4K channels on offer

The Canal + platform introduced a 4K set-top box in 2018. It accompanied the start of Canal + 4K Ultra HD and the World Cup in Russia, when Telewizja Polska broadcast the occasional TVP 4K channel for the first time. During this year’s Euro 2020, TVP 4K was also available on Canal +. In previous years, Cyfrowy Polsat even offered Champions League matches in Super HD quality instead of 4K. The situation changed only in August this year, when Polsat Box introduced the first set-top box working in 4K quality.

Among the channels provided by Polsat Box, there are 4 items that allow you to watch your favorite content in 4K quality: Eleven Sports 1 4K (available in the Eleven Sports package on satellite TV and IPTV, and in the Sport and Eleven Sports packages on Internet TV, as well as on Polsat Box Go ), Insight TV UHD (available from the basic S package on satellite TV and IPTV and from the basic package Convenient on Internet TV), Fashion TV 4K (public channel on satellite TV), NASA TV UHD (public channel on satellite TV).

Polsat Box subscribers also have access to paid VoD materials in 4K quality on Polsat Box Go. They can watch them both in the application on the Polsat Box 4K Lite set-top box and, among others, on mobile devices. Among them are, among others blockbuster cinema hits: hit “Lovely” with Jennifer Lopez, “Professional Bodyguard” with Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson, charming “Paddington 2”, funny animation “Caveman” or adored by young viewers “The Lamb Shaun Film. Farmageddon ”and others.

Broadcasters don’t want to invest in 4K?

Recently, Eutelsat raised the topic of 4K on its blog. According to the satellite operator, 50 percent. US and European households are ready for the technology, but broadcasters are reluctant to invest. The broadcast of 4K stations is several times more expensive than HD or SD. It is necessary to rent additional transponders from Eutelsat, which costs dearly.

TV manufacturers claim that hardly anyone buys equipment that does not allow 4K reception. – In Poland, TV sets with Ultra High Definition (4K) resolution or higher, after three quarters of 2021, accounted for approximately 72 percent quantitatively. sales on the Polish market. In 2020 and 2019, it was 68%, respectively. and 62 percent In an interview with Wirtualnemedia.pl, TV market experts say that sooner or later 4K will replace HD. However, it will not happen as quickly as the transition from standard to high definition several years ago.

Record profit of Polsat Plus Group

Last quarter, Polsat Plus Group achieved an increase in revenues in an adjusted manner by 2.5%. to PLN 2.59 billion, and thanks to the finalization of the sale of Polkomtel Infrastruktura for PLN 7.07 billion, it recorded a net profit of PLN 3.15 billion, at the end of September it had PLN 7.47 billion in accounts and deposits. Service sales increased due to the acquisition of Premium Mobile and Netia. The quarterly revenues of Polsat Plus Group from retail and business customers increased year-on-year from PLN 1.62 to PLN 1.71 billion. The company noted in the report that the growth was achieved “thanks to the successful implementation of our customer value building strategy, which is reflected in the high growth dynamics of ARPU B2C contract customers and prepaid services”.

The EBITDA profit of Polsat Plus Group of PLN 4.595 billion was 1.1% y / y. higher than the average expectations of seven analysts surveyed by PAP Biznes. Their forecasts ranged from PLN 4.493 billion to PLN 4.588 billion. The company’s revenues reached PLN 3.032 billion and were down 0.3 percent. higher than analysts’ consensus. On the other hand, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the parent company of Cyfrowy Polsat reached PLN 3.142.4 billion and was 0.8% y / y. higher than the PAP Biznes consensus, which amounted to PLN 3.078.1 billion.

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