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Ferrara, 5 August 2022 – Flooding and inconvenience this morning in the center of a Pontelagoscuro, in the province of Ferrara, for a breakdown in a water pipe. The rupture caused a large spill of water that invaded the main streets of the hamlet, including those in which it was taking place the market . Hera’s technicians immediately set to work to identify and repair the break. Local police are also on site.

The accidental breakage of the large diameter water pipe leaving the water purifier in via Soluzzi. The fault was quickly identified and circumscribed and the water supply to the city has already returned to normal.


Due to the substantial water leakage, in the time between the failure and the first emergency intervention maneuvers, the network suffered a loss of pressure, with the consequence that part of the users of the Municipality of Ferrara encountered inconveniences, in particular on the floors. tall. The same water leak also led to the temporary interruption in the supply to some users of Pontelagoscuro, where however the situation returned to normal and the service is fully active. Hera technicians, with the collaboration of a specialized company, are actively collaborating with the firefighters to remove water from roads, basements and semi-underground rooms and in the next few hours the fault will be definitively repaired and the streets washed. The conclusion of the works is scheduled for tomorrow.

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