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The Wall Street Journal reports that the Saudi prince would have fun with his folks to mock the president of the United States for his faux pas. Relations between Washington and Riyadh are at an all-time low

Saudi prince Mohammed Bin Salman would have fun with his advisers making fun of Joe Biden, “his gaffes and his poor mental acuity.” So at least tells the Wall Street Journal in a long article published yesterday, Tuesday 25 October. Bin Salman, 37, the operational leader of Saudi Arabia, also said he hadn’t esteemed Biden for a long time, ever since the current US president was Barack Obama’s deputy. “It was much better to have something to do with Donald Trump”he would add, again according to the New York newspaper.

Relations between Washington and Riyadh are perhaps at an all-time low. So much so that the National Security Advisor of the White House, Jake Sullivan, has made it known that, immediately after the midterm elections (Tuesday, November 8), Biden will propose to Congress to “review strategic relations with the Saudis”. Basically: confirm the ban on arms sales adopted as early as 2021 and introduce economic restrictions. The US president has harshly criticized the recent decision of OPEC +, inspired by Saudi Arabia, that is, the dry cut in oil production: two million barrels a day less. A move that kept the price of crude oil at high levels, with a double effect: fueling inflation in the West; give breath to Russian exports, with more financial resources for Vladimir Putin.

In reality, relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia were already very tense. Biden conducted the electoral campaign assuring that he would ask the Saudi leaders to account for the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, endorsed, according to the CIA, by Bin Salman. Also, in recent months, the US administration has repeatedly urged the Saudis to isolate Russia economically and politically. But Bin Salman has maintained an equidistant position, claiming the right to support Kiev, but at the same time continue to do business with Moscow. Last July Biden met the crown prince in Jeddah. But evidently it was not enough to start a more relaxed confrontation, at least on a personal level.

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