Pope at a meeting with refugees: Let us stop the plunging of civilization

“It is sad to hear about the use of common funds to build walls,” said the Pope, who on the second day of his visit to Greece, he met refugees on an island that is a symbol of the migrant crisis in Europe.

The President Greece Ekaterini Sakielaropulu. During his two-hour visit, the Pope inspected the center and greeted many of the 2,100 refugees there. He blessed the children.

Francis, who was on this island in a camp for migrants already in 2016, he emphasized in his speech: “I am here again to meet you; I am here to say that I am close to you. I am here to see your faces, to look into your eyes”.

These – as he added – eyes full of fear and expectation. “Eyes that have seen violence and poverty, eyes gouged out with too many tears,” he said.

Francis recalled the words spoken on the island five years ago by the ecumenical head of Orthodoxy, Patriarch Bartholomewwho declared, “Those who fear you have not seen your eyes. Those who fear you have not seen your face.”

Following the patriarch, he continued that it is being forgotten that migration is not a problem in the Middle East and North Africa, Europe and Greece, but is a problem of (the whole) world. ” The humanitarian crisis is a global problem that affects everyone the Pope added.

– It’s about human life. At stake is the future of each of us, which will be peaceful only when it is integrated. History teaches us that closure and nationalism lead to disastrous consequences. He considered it “an illusion” to think that it is enough to “protect oneself, protect oneself from the weakest who knock on the door”. The future will bring us even closer together – he assessed.

Francis appealed to the international community: “Let us stop the constant shifting of responsibilities, let us not entrust the issue of migration to others all the time. As if nobody cares about it and is just a useless burden that someone has to bear.”

He asked everyone: “Let us overcome the paralysis of fear, the indifference that kills, a cynical disinterest through which, wearing white gloves, we condemn those on the margins to death. “

He pointed out that one must oppose the thoughts around one’s “I”, “around individual and national egoism, which becomes the measure and criterion of everything”. The Pope noted that in the five years that have passed since his visit to Lesbos, little has changed with regard to migration. He thanked those who were involved in the admission and integration of immigrants.

Referring to Greece, he stated: “However, we have to bitterly admit that this country, like others, is still pressed against the wall, and that there are those in Europe who stubbornly take this problem as an issue that does not concern them. “

– It is sad to hear about using common funds to build walls as a solution. Of course, we understand fears and uncertainty, difficulties and dangers – said Franciszek. However, he warned that problems cannot be solved by erecting barriers. The Pope quoted Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel: “When human life is threatened, when human dignity is threatened, state borders become irrelevant.”

As he noted, in different societies they are opposed “ideologically” security and solidarity, local and universal dimension, tradition and openness.

It is easy to pull the public with you, arousing fear of others; why are we not, instead, in the same spirit talking about the exploitation of the poor, about forgotten wars that are often lavishly financed, about economic deals made at the expense of the people, about secret maneuvers to trade and spread arms? Francis asked.

Pope Francis indicated that the causes of migration should be tackled, “not poor people who suffer the consequences or are even used for the purposes of political propaganda.” The Pope appealed to consciences not to run away from the terrifying images of the bodies of children lying on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. – Please, let’s stop this sinking of civilization – he called. This appeal sounded particularly strong in Italian because the Pope used the word for meaning in that language “sea ​​disaster“.

– Otherwise, God is offended, man, created in His image, is despised, and man is left at the mercy of the waves, in the depths of indifference, sometimes justified even by alleged Christian values, he warned.

Faith, he recalled, requires compassion and mercy. This is not a religious ideology. These are specific Christian roots – he added.

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