Pope Francis’ Letter to an LGBT Nun

Francis continues the “silent rehabilitation” efforts of the New Ways Ministry to bring about a change in the Church’s teaching on the sinfulness of homosexual acts. The incumbent Pope wrote a letter to the movement’s co-founder, Sister Jeanine Gramick, thanking her for “50 years of service.”

New Ways Ministry met with the official disapproval of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith during the pontificate of John Paul II in 2009. The negative assessment was repeated by the US episcopate in 2010 when it was found that the organization did not represent the Church’s position on LGBT ideology. The dissident movement of clergy and lay people continued for years despite admonitions from the hierarchy.

“God’s style” of LGBT lobbying

Pope Francis’ gesture was appreciated by a modernist Jesuit magazine America. “As a further sign of support for LGBT Catholics and those who act on their behalf, Pope Francis sent a handwritten letter to Jeannine Gramick SL, co-founder of the Catholic apostolate New Ways Ministry, on December 10th. Sister Gramick celebrates 50 years of working with and advocating LGBT people. Referring to her anniversary as the reason for his letter, the Pope congratulated her in Spanish for “50 years of closeness, compassion and tenderness” in a service he described as “in the style of God” “, we read.

The phrase “God’s style” in relation to the LGBT “ministry” is not the first time Francis has appeared. The same words were used by him to praise the work of the most famous lobbyist for homosexual-gender ideology in the Church, Jesuit James Martin. In a letter to Sr. Jeanine, the Pope writes:

Your letter reminded me of God’s “style” … God has his own style of communicating with us. And we could summarize this style in three words: closeness, compassion, tenderness. And I think of your 50 years of ministry, 50 years of that “God’s style”, 50 years of closeness, compassion and tenderness. You were not afraid of “closeness”, and when you approached, you did it “through suffering” and condemning no one, but with the “tenderness” of your sister and mother. Thank you, Sister Jeannine, for all your closeness, compassion and tenderness.

Pope Francis’ campaign for LGBT ideology

“Pope Francis has repeatedly congratulated men and women religious and others who seek to overturn the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and transgenderism,” recalls Doug Mainwaring in LifeSiteNews.

In 2020, a letter from Pope Francis was received by Mónica Astorga Cremona, famous in Argentina as a “trans nun”. The sister is the founder of a network of housing units for “transgender women” (men who claim to be women) and their partners. “Dear Monika, a God who did not go to seminary or study theology will pay you back. I pray for you and your girlfriends, wrote the Vicar of Christ, describing men as “girls.”

Michael O’Loughlin, the magazine’s editor, has recently received a similar recognition America who describes himself as a “gay Catholic journalist.” James Martin wrote about the correspondence between the Pope and O’Loughlin: “Pope Francis wrote a letter to my friend Mike O’Loughlin, a blatant gay, praising his book on Catholics serving gays and others during the 1980s HIV / AIDS crisis. Another important step in reaching the Pope to LGBTQ people ”.

We also reported on two letters that Pope Francis addressed to the current director of the New Ways Ministry in May and June last year, praising his “attitude of pastoral closeness.” There is not a word in any of these letters about helping to overcome disorders of sexual orientation and gender identity. The Pope also makes no mention of the Church’s teaching in this matter.

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