Popyrin fools Djokovic with magical point

Alexei Popyrin Gave him a fight and some headaches Novak Djokovic in the game Australian Open 2024 Second Round But regardless of the outcome, whoever wins the ticket to the third round First Grand Slam of the seasonthe Australian tennis player stayed Commemorate points with selection balloons This effectively leaves the No. 1 spot in the ATP rankings unchanged.

After the Serbian had no major surprises in the first set, the second set was completely different. Popyrin showed his best form and won the game with a score of 6-4.

At the beginning of the third game, the Australians were tied at 1-1, 30-15 despite winning the serve, and there was a fierce and extensive confrontation in the backcourt. Rod Laver Arena That was until Djokovic went to the net to complete the scoring and after two failed attempts he found himself with one Popyline Deluxe Resolution It cost him no chance and aroused the sympathy of the entire stadium for his compatriot.

Australian Open 2024: What Popyrin had to say before facing Djokovic

Alexei Popyrin he started the game Novak Djokovic second round 2024 Australian Open A bit shy and restrained, but gradually he started to let go, showing his mentality, and his words in the preview were not just a statement, but a way of thinking and feeling about tennis at such a high level and innately necessary for man. A legend like a Serbian, The all-time Grand Slam champion with 24 titles, and the Australian Open champion with 10 titles.

“Playing against him is no different than playing against anyone else on tour. For me it’s the same preparation, the same mentality“The world No. 43 player commented in the preview of today’s game.

The 24-year-old Popyrin reached No. 39, his best ranking to date.have Two champions on the trackthe first time was in Singapore in 2021, and the second time was in Umag last year

“I need to have confidence and belief that I can win the tournament and that he’s just No. 1 in the world, and To me, he’s just another player on the other side of the net.. I need to focus on what I have to do on the pitch,” Popyrin expected, and he achieved that.

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