Porting numbers in 2021: Orange and T-Mobile on a plus, Plus and Play on a minus

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In 2021, over 1.4 million mobile numbers were transferred from the network to the network in Poland. In the Big Four, Orange gained the most, although it is not the winner of the ranking taking into account all operators. The biggest downside

Porting numbers in numbers

Throughout 2021, the network changed altogether 1 420 570 numbers (+ 0.56% year on year), highest in February – 142 763, and the least in June – 98 416. Statistically, this gives us on average 118 380 numbers per month, 3,892 daily, 162 numbers every hour and 2.7 numbers per minute.

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Look: Number portability report in 1Q2021. Orange and Premium Mobile keep gaining

W4: Orange with the biggest plus, Play with the biggest minus

In 2021, there was a change in the leader of number portability in the largest networks operating in Poland. Leader of 2020, Plus, fell to third place with a significant net loss (over 52,000 numbers), while the first place belongs to the network Orangewhich has gained almost 30 thousand numbers. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the biggest loser of the year in this category is Play. In total, the purple net was led out over 133 thousand numbers.

Network Distance Devotional Share He accepted Party participation Balance
Orange 335 468 23.62% 365 406 25.72% +29 938
Play 436 410 30.72% 302 956 21.33% -133 454
Plus 322 161 22.68% 269 ​​523 18.97% -52 638
T-Mobile 245 106 17.25% 262 946 18.51% +17.840
Sum 1 339 145 94.27% 1 200 831 84.53% -138 314

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Premium Mobile and UPC with a high net profit

In 2021, the Big Four lost their total over 138,000 numbers. It is almost 18% less than the year before, but still a lot. Who did these numbers go to? The UKE report for the entire last year shows that, first of all, to Premium Mobile (34299) and UPC (29379). They also gained a lot: Vectra, Mobile Vikings, Otvart and Netia. Details below.

MNP report 2021

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