Portugal and Georgia are at home

The Portugal coach and his Georgia counterpart have revealed their 33-player list for the World Cup. Lists where we find many players playing in France.

If 100% of the 33 French players competing in the World Cup play in France, the other selectors will almost feel at home when they come to play in France for the World Cup. This is especially the case for Portugal and Georgia, whose 33 lists were unveiled on Monday. Qualified for his second World Cup, Patrice Lagisquet’s Portugal will be able to count on 18 players playing in France, whether they are in the Top 14 (Tadjer from Perpignan, Oyonnax from Bettencourt), in Pro D2 or further down the hierarchy.

“With Chile, we are two little thumbs up. Purpose is above all behavior. Our sportspersons are expected to make their country and their families proud. We don’t want us to have any regrets and the players have a lot of fun being there. We try to empower them as much as possible so that they can experience the best moments. Portuguese rugby is unknown in Europe, but also in Portugal! That’s why we should be proud of those who play rugby in this country and in Portugal, even if they only number 4,000,” said David Gerrard, a member of the Portuguese staff. France Blue Toulouse.

16 Georgians play in France

On the Georgian side, there are sixteen players playing in France (most others play in Tbilisi), World Cup regulars (always qualified since 2003) even if they haven’t played a bit of a quarter yet, Especially Guram Gogichashvili, Luka Zapridze or Davit Ninaiashvili. Will Lelos defy the odds by eliminating Australia or Fiji to make the quarter-finals? Answer in the next month…

33 List of Portuguese
Antonio Machado Santos (Belenenses), David Costa (Diarito), Diogo Hase Ferreira (DAX), Francisco Fernandes (Béziers), Francisco Bruno (Diarito), Anthony Alves (Mont-de-Marsan), Duarte Diniz (Diarito), Lionel Campergue (Arcchon), Mike Tadjer (Perpignan), Duarte Torgal (Diarto), José Madeira (Grenoble), Martim Bello (Cascas), Stevie Cerqueira (Chambery), Manuel Picao (Diarto), Nicolás Martins (Charente), Rafael Simoes (CDUL) ) ), Joao Granet (Dirito), Thibault de Freitas (Belenenses)

João Bello (CDUP), Pedro Lucas (Belenenses), Samuel Marx (Béziers), Jerónimo Portela (Diarrito), Joris Moura (Valence-Romans), José Lima (Narbonne), Tomás Appleton (CDUL), Pedro Bettencourt (Oynax), Rodrigo Marta (Colomiers), Vincent Pinto (Colomiers), Manuel Cardoso Pinto (Agronomia), Raphael Storiti (Béziers), Nuno Sousa Guedes (CDUP), Simão Bento (Mont-de-Marsan)

List of 33 Georgians
Mikhail Narishvili (Black Lion), Guram Gogichashvili (Racing 92), Nika Abuladze (Exeter Chiefs), Shalva Mamukashvili (Black Lion), Luka Neoradze (Aurillac), Tengiz Zamtaradze (Black Lion), Beka Gigashvili (Toulon), Guram Papidze ( Pau), Luka Japaridze (Montpellier), Kote Mikoutadze (Bayenne), Nodar Cheshvili (Black Lion), Lasha Gianni (Never), Lado Chachanidze (Never), Beka Saghinadze (Lyon), Beka Gorgadze (Pau), Giorgi Tsutsakiridze (Stadium ) French), Tornike Zalagonia (Biarritz), Mikhail Gachechiladze (Black Lion), Luka Ivanishvili (Black Lion)

three quarters :
Vasyl Lobzhanidze (Brivé), Gela Aprasidze (Bayenne), Tengiz Peranidze (Black Lion), Tedo Abzhandadze (Montauban), Luka Matkawa (Black Lion), Merab Sharikadze (Black Lion), Tornik Kakhoidze (Black Lion), Demur Topladze (Black Lion) ) Lion), Giorgi Kveseladze (Gloucester), Akaki Tabutsadze (Black Lion), Alexander Todua (Black Lion), Mirian Modebadze (Black Lion), Davit Niniashvili (Lyon), Lasha Khmaldze (Black Lion)

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