Portugal. The record of tests performed for the presence of coronavirus has been broken. It is because of the state of the natural disaster

As the medical center (INSA) explained, the record number of tests performed concerned tests carried out both in health care facilities and in pharmacies and laboratories.

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Portugal. Record number of coronavirus tests performed daily

According to INSA experts, the record number of tests was related to the entry into force of the state of natural disaster on December 1 and the introduction of the requirement to have up-to-date PCR and antigen tests, including by people participating in mass cultural and sports events or family members who want to visit their relatives in hospitals or retirement centers.

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Tests are also required for travelers arriving in Portugal by air, sea and land. They can be replaced by a medical certificate of COVID-19, but this document must be translated into Portuguese or English.

Portugal. Only current tests count, not covid passports

Dissatisfaction with the introduction of a test requirement for travelers arriving in Portugal by road dominates in comments in the Portuguese press on Thursday.

The newspapers “Linhas de Elvas” and “O Interior” indicate the chaos on the border and the difficulties that people working on the other side of the border have to overcome. Local media note that the government has agreed that people living in the border area can also move to work on the basis of the COVID-19 certificate.

The media reminds that from Wednesday this document (covid passport) may be honored in the case of tourists arriving by road from EU countries, but only from those few regions of Europe where there is a low level of epidemic risk.

The disapproval of the inability to use the vaccine passport is also not concealed by local government officials from the communes located near the border. They complain that the restriction will drastically lower the level of revenues, especially from Spanish travelers who often shop in Portugal.

– These requirements will lead to a reduction in the turnover of our catering companies, restaurants and hotels. Border communes live off the frequent presence of Spaniards, said José Rondao Almeida, the mayor of Elvas, on the local radio on Thursday.


Coronavirus: all current information and recommendations on gov.pl

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