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The top 5 is completed with the attributes “competence” and “reputation”. Of all the attributes evaluated, only “beauty” and “youth” had an average value of less than 5.5, thus being the only ones below the “border” between positive and negative valuation.

In the analysis from the perspective of the sectors of economic activity that develop advertising campaigns, “credibility” is the attribute most valued by the protagonists of the advertisements: in the 19 sectors evaluated, “credibility” is considered the most important in 13, including areas such as Banking, Telecommunications, Automobiles, Distribution, Energy and Fuels or Pharmaceuticals.

In terms of specific personalities, Manuel Luís Goucha stood out in attributes such as “credibility” or “maturity”, while Cristiano Ronaldo stood out in “competence” and “prestige”. Ricardo Araújo Pereira associates himself with “sense of humour”, Sara Sampaio with “beauty”, Cristina Ferreira with “persuasion”, João Félix with “youth” and Catarina Furtado with “sympathy”.

In terms of all attributes, Cristiano Ronaldo is the public figure that the Portuguese consider to have the best profile to participate in advertising campaigns, with the top 5 being made up of public figures with a regular presence on television: Cristina Ferreira, Catarina Furtado, Manuel Luís Goucha and Ricardo Araujo Pereira.

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