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I asked ChatGPT to determine the feelings and personality traits that best characterize our country based on its language model and the news they learned about Colombia. He concluded that there was “concern for security and corruption”, adding that “in general, Colombians are seen as kind, friendly and happy people.”

Before the pandemic, I used Watson’s solutions, personality signHTS and natural language processing to assess Colombia taking the content of the main media as context. Now I’ve updated the data, and the result has been essentially the same, and even worse: in a range of -1 to 1, for example, registered -0.77, in registered sentiment, while Semana. com received -0.24; As an observation, there is a bias in the palette of emotions, as the IBM model has 4 negative (sadness, fear, disgust, and anger) and only 1 positive (joy).

In personality, this tool is openness to experience (intelligence, disobedience to authority, boldness, artistic interests, emotionality and imagination), responsibility (alertness, self-efficacy, need for success, self-discipline, obedience and discipline), extraversion ( measures confidence). In one self, activity level, empathy, sociability, pleasure and adventure-seeking), kindness (compassion, indolence, altruism, cooperation, trust and modesty), and emotional range (sadness, extraversion, shyness, sensitivity to stress, aggressiveness or tendency) concern).

It also discriminates between needs (structure, curiosity, challenge, practicality, and stability) and values ​​(openness to change, conservation, self-transcendence, hedonism, and personal improvement). The point is that the balance was not very encouraging, but I propose as an exercise that each reader make his own guesses: where do we have strengths, weaknesses and neutral zones?

Compatriots, it is important that we reflect on the possibility that we have, in our daily lives, to lead actions that have a benign impact on the present and future of humanity. With regard to the media, it is also necessary to disseminate more positive news, or adopt creative approaches and languages ​​to balance the negative, because of the saturation of despair, polarization, violence, abuse, ineptitude, bitterness, narrow-mindedness, misery, corruption, Is. Debt, inequality and inequality.

Our mental health is at stake. Some success stories, where they do not highlight simplistic or maudlin news, include positive newsA British medium whose content inspires and exposes strategies to global problems such as sustainability, social justice and quality of life. Samadhan Journalism NetworkA non-profit, promoting innovative solutions journalism. optimistic daily Spreads positive and hopeful news related to technology, culture and society. Finally, Good News Network It includes success stories, scientific advances and achievements in the society.

In addition to reporting (ie Shape), the means and ends can be positive.

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