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Juventus-Allegri, the crisis is in full swing but there seems to be no way out: the exemption is averted. Where to start again, together.

Juventus, calm chaos. The bianconeri disappeared from the radar after the start of the stop coincided with a bomb exploded at Brianteo: the defeat against Monza lit a fuse that no one would have wanted to deal with. Allegri had also tried to play the charge to the teambut obviously it was not enough: the problem – because now it is possible to admit that a problem exists – is not just a headache.

Allegri Juventus crisis
Juventus, Allegri reorganizes the team (ANSA)

Last year, the tipping point was the market that didn’t happen. This year Juventus did it (albeit to a lesser extent than in the past): it is not possible to speak only of injuries and absences. The point is the presences that don’t make the difference. Allegri could start from this: at the top of the list are names with undisputed talent who, however, struggle. One above all: Dusan Vlahovic. The striker has not lost the talent. If anything, he may have lost motivation, as he feels little useful to the cause.

Juventus-Allegri, the perfect storm

Avoid scenes like the one against Fiorentina, where someone like Vlahovic remains on the bench: the appointment is not just any one. That match for the center forward had – and will always have – a particular flavor. The same goes for other similar situations: keeping a player out, to make him warm up equally, is not a symptom of balance and awareness.. Making everyone feel part of a project means being attentive even to these small-big gestures. Necessary precautions. Then we come to the Bonucci case: what is happening? The defender lives separately at home again, after yet another attack by the Juventus Curva.

Juventus Allegri crisis
The bianconeri ready to find themselves (ANSA)

Managing these drops in tension and resolving differences is the basis for rebuilding a mentality: if it emerges from the outside that chaos reigns, the players’ response will also be disordered and inconclusive. Third and final point: the objectives. Nobody, really, has ever clarified what are the (real) expectations of this Juve. What do you want to aim for? And above all, what means are there to do it?

Bremer, Paredes and Milik: a bet to win

In other words, this impasse is resolved first of all with clarity and then with the enhancement and the right amalgamation of the new grafts: Locatelli, Bremer, Vlahovic and Milik are with the handbrake on. Only the former Sassuolo knows the Juventus dynamics and understands the moment: others need to understand where they are and what they are fighting for. The concept of a common cause that has to invest, inevitably, too Paredes. All reliable pawns if a transparent context is returned to them.

Juventus Allegri crisis results
Allegri and the points from which to start again (ANSA)

Then the company comes into play: Allegri claims to be calm, but in reality he should be satisfied. In the sense that, in addition to the economic part, it should be able to dispense certainties rather than feed doubts. So far the opposite has happened: forced to always correct the shot, because evidently the connection – and the relationship – with the club does not work properly.

What to do? Move forward together, or change on the run. There are no other hypotheses. Choosing the former – by necessity more than by virtue – means taking note of a compromise and behaving accordingly: avoiding, therefore, the constant grumbling about the absence of owners and in particular keep away from unlikely comparisons with other teams. Dirty clothes are washed at home and, even if the foundations of Juventus are shaking now, getting back on top is not impossible. The important thing is to recognize your limitations before others do.

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