Postepay will soon be disabled: attention, here’s the news

A novelty on the Postepay that leaves everyone speechless. The most used financial instrument in Italy could disappear. Everything comes from an email that many users are receiving and that communicates the suspension of Postepay. There are many people who in recent days are trying to find alternatives without knowing that they have it right under their noses.

Let’s go and understand why. First of all the Postepay, for the uninitiated, it is one of the most used prepaid cards throughout Italy. Its ease of activation and above all management makes it probably one of the best throughout our nation. There are several characteristics for which it is chosen. You can even pay your own on it salary but also ask friends and relatives to give us money through simple ones tobacco refills.

One of the improvements made by Postepay it is also the fact that there is a system of cashback integrated that with each payment makes us therefore earn. The Italian Post Office has created a real dream list for its customers who, based on how much cashback they have available, can choose what to do and how to use it.

Postepay disabled: here’s the truth

We had talked at the beginning of the article about the fact that the Postepay it will be soon disabled. There is nothing true and it is important to emphasize that in case you receive any emails that communicate this to you, it is certainly a he cons to all effects.

In fact, many users in recent days have received several emails that communicated to them precisely the suspension of Postepay. Denials and official communications have often arrived directly from Poste Italiane. In fact, it is always necessary to check from whom we receive these communications so as to know if it is official notes or just very simple scams.

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