Potential increase in Samsung SSD prices. Better not wait to buy

A few days ago, we reported how Samsung is facing a production problem in its key factories. At that time, the company reassured that its customers would not be affected, but apparently it was not true, because Samsung’s SSDs are supposed to become more expensive.

For the record, in the city of Xi’an in China, unexpectedly, an outbreak of infections with a known virus appeared. Authorities reacted swiftly by announcing restrictions, which directly affected Samsung, which has two NAND production facilities in Xi’an. Not just any, because they account for 42% of the company’s semiconductor memory production, and in addition are responsible for the production of V-NAND with up to 136 layers for drives like the 980 Pro.

The company tried to reassure customers that it intends to move production to other plants around the world to make up for any shortcomings and protect customers from the consequences of these problems. It seems, however, that it was just talk.

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According to unofficial information, this is the best time to buy Samsung SSD drives. Otherwise, their price in a few weeks may surprise you unpleasantly

According to the latest information from companies in the semiconductor drive industry, Samsung is considering an increase in the price of SSD drives in its offer. It is worth emphasizing here twice that we are only talking about those models that Samsung has on offer, and not also those to which it provides its memory chips.

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Unfortunately, at the moment we do not know any details of how high this rate may be. However, it will be an interesting move on the part of the company, given that other manufacturers actually intend to lower prices in the coming weeks, by up to 10%. All because of the falling demand for SSD drives, to which companies want to attract more customers again.


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So Samsung can choose an interesting path in the present and upcoming times, probably considering that its position will allow it to pull even more out of its customers’ pockets. It can also be a preventive move to protect the company’s income, which could have calculated that due to production problems (the two factories mentioned above are responsible for about 7% of NAND production worldwide), the supply of its drives will drop so much that this price increase will save its income.

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