Power Couple: Crockery becomes a reason for indirection between wives

Power Couple: Crockery becomes a reason for indirection between wives. Photo: Record TV

In addition to the bullshit already common to the Power Couple Brazilcoexistence also becomes a reason for conflict within Mansão Power in Itapecerica da Serra, in São Paulo.

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On the afternoon of this Monday, May 9, Andreia Andrade dropped an indirect to Ivy Moraes. She charged the ex-BBB about the dishes she soiled. Jokingly, the businesswoman demanded that the model pay attention to what she was dirtying in the sink.

“When I’m done, I’ll wash everything!”, promised the miner. “Oh, but please wash it, because if you don’t wash it, I’ll come after you and say ‘Ivy is going to wash the dishes from lunch that you left dirty, because I’m in charge of the kitchen! laughs.

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“Absolutely! I think it’s fair! I think it’s fair!”, agreed Nandinho’s girlfriend. “They said it’s my house, now I have to take care of the kitchen!” laughed Nahim’s wife.

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Amid laughter, tense atmospheres, mea culpa and a lot of soap, the participants gave the new vehicle to Anne and Fr Lanza in the first week of the reality, by a vote of the house. An iconic moment marked the show: Adriane Galisteu joked with Ivy Moraes and Nandinho before the couple cast their vote.

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The presenter recalled that the model only voted for the artist during her time at BBB20 and made the cast of the house laugh. Jokingly, she already announced that the lovebirds could not vote for Babu.

“Ivy and Nandinho. Ivy, no Babu on the vote, huh?” she said, teasing the couple and making the entire power mansion erupt in laughter.

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