“Power Couple”: Nahim asks for “gay couple” and Matheus accuses him of homophobic speech

Already in the DR of the 6th season of “Power Couple“, Matheus Sampaio exposed homophobic speech of nahim on live. During the formation of the hot seat, the Brazilian singer asked Adriane Galisteu for the program to invite an LGBTQIA+ couple to the next editions and the influencer accused him of having called him a “bichon*”.

“I want to make a request to the direction. That next year we have an LGBTQIA+ LGBT couple. Anyway, that there’s a gay couple here. I can even indicate my sister-in-law, who is married to my brother… So, it’s time to break this paradigm”, asked Nahim last Wednesday night (18).

Matheus exposes Nahim’s homophobic speech

At this moment, Adriane Galisteu was silent, but Matheus released the verb remembering the discussion he had with Nahim in the morning of the same day. “When you called me a bichon* was what?”, asked Brenda Paixão’s boyfriend, who has Demi Lovato’s supporters to win the game. The singer, however, ignored and continued the vote, indicating the couple Baroness and Rogerio, parents of MC Gui, to the hot seat. Besides them, Dinei and Érika are also in the DR of the week.

“Bichon*”, says Nahim to Matheus in a fight

But how did this homophobic speech by Nahim happen? It all started with another one of those general confusions among the couples in the house. Andrea Andrade and Brenda Passionwomen of the two participants, respectively, argued when they exchanged insults.

“Nahim, call the house votes”, provoked Matheus Sampaio; “Coward. You are a coward, boy”, shouted Andreia Andrade. “Coward,” added her husband. “Call the house votes now, coward,” retorted the former “Playing with Fire.” “Clown,” said the singer. “Let’s go to the DR. Do you think I’m afraid of you?”, provoked Brenda’s partner even more.

At that moment, the two men needed to be separated by the other residents of the Power mansion, all so that physical contact and a possible expulsion could be avoided. That’s when Nahim shot a homophobic line against Matheus: “Fucking idiot. Fuck you, yellow coward ** **, Bichon*”.

Not believing what he was hearing, Matheus asked the singer to repeat: “What am I?”. “Bichon*,” Nahim yelled. “That’s it. Let’s go to the DR. Call the votes of the house”, reinforced the request of the former “Playing with Fire”. “Coward of the car **”, continued cursing the singer. See some of the beef between the two!

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