“Power Couple”: understand dynamics after Mussunzinho and Karoline are Casal Power

After missing an activity worth a car, Mussunzinho and Karoline Menezes won the Prova dos Casais in “Power Couple Brasil 6” this Tuesday (10). The dynamic was not shown by Record, but those who have a PlayPlus account saw Adriane Galisteu make contact with the confined to reveal the final result. “You won a bonus of R$ 20 thousand, guaranteed immunity in the vote, you will access the hall of powers and still not decide who sleeps where in the next cycle”, warned the presenter to the victors.

In addition to them, a very controversial couple from the edition are also immune: Brenda Passion and Matheus Sampaio. Darlings of none other than Demi Lovato in the attraction, the two conquered the biggest balance of the week and are breathing a sigh of relief. Already Daiana Araújo and Rodrigo Mila are in the risk zone for not having completed the Prova dos Casais, while Andrea and nahim had the worst balance of the cycle and automatically went to the DR

Understand how the dynamics of the “Power Couple” works

In this 6th season, Power Couple Brasil brought together 13 couples with different personalities and areas of activity to face radical tests, in addition to showing the strength of their relationships, of course. Isolated in a house in Itapecerica da Serra, in São Paulo, husband and wife need to trust each other and place bets of up to R$40,000. If the task is successfully completed, they keep the total money, which accumulates towards the grand finale. The amount collected throughout the season will be what they will take home.

The Couples Test is decisive to define who will go to the DR of the week. Whoever wins the challenge is immune and gets rid of elimination. But who goes to the hot seat? Who accumulates the worst balance of money in the week, who loses the Test of Couples and the most voted by the house. The suspense extends from Wednesday until the next day, in which the elimination takes place live.

See what happens each day on the show

Monday: Women’s Test

Tuesday: Men’s Trial

Wednesday: Test of Couples and live DR training

Thursday: Post-DR and live elimination

Friday: Post Elimination and Live Flash Party

Saturday: Full Party

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