Power steering warning light, if it flashes hurry to turn off the car: anything could happen

One of our greatest allies when we are driving is definitely the power steering, which, as the name suggests, will help us in steering.

Power steering warning light – Engines.News

Obviously, however, so with every other piece of the car the latter is not fault-free. Today, therefore, we are going to see what to do when the power steering light comes on.

For example if the danger signal remains on, it means that the system is currently damaged and it will only work partially. Furthermore, this hypothesis is also the simplest to verify, it will be enough to realize if we are struggling more than usual in steering.

By continuing to flash, the power steering warning light will indicate a possible system failure

In the worst case scenario, here people who love large cars but with little strength in their arms will be forced to stop as they will be able to hardly turn the steering wheel.

So let’s see what can cause this problem to the system. Let’s start by talking about the spy which will be easily recognizable. When we have a problem, in fact, we will see a steering wheel icon with an exclamation mark light up.

power steering
Power steering warning light – Engines. News

The warning will therefore have three different colors, yellow, red and orange depending on the fault found. If we are owners of an electro-hydraulic or electromechanical power steering, therefore, we will have nothing to fear since the latter mount the power steering control unit.

The latter, in fact, is responsible for monitoring the various systems and components of the vehicle such as the steering angle sensor. With this device, therefore, we should be able to identify the problem without much effort.

We may have serious difficulties getting our car to turn

In addition to the aforementioned steering angle sensor, therefore, it may also be damaged slip ring or the oversteer pump. Not only that, however, the hypotheses are many.

The failure, for example, may even depend on the starter battery or an electrical problem caused by a simple faulty cable. To see if our power steering works correctly, just look at how the special light behaves as soon as the car is turned on.

power steering
Power steering – Engines.News

If the light comes on and then goes out within a couple of minutes we will have nothing to fear as everything will work correctly. On the contrary, if the warning light continues to be illuminated even while driving, we will necessarily have to go to the nearest workshop.

In fact, if the system is badly damaged, driving will become a nightmare and with a much stiffer steering we may not even be able to escape some dangerous situations. In short, it is better not to risk driving in certain conditions.

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