Powerball – lottery in Australia. 55 women won AU $ 80 million

55 members of the fitness club won the Powerball lottery. Residents of Australian Perth collected 80 million Australian dollars (about 228 million zlotys). Each of the women contributed five dollars to the pool, the 7NEWS portal reported.

55 women won $ 80 million. Australian

Each of the women, the youngest of whom is 18, the oldest – 84, was granted the equivalent of PLN 4.3 million. Thursday’s win was one of the highest in Australia this year.

“It’s really unbelievable, it will change my life,” said one of the women, asking the gym owner – who participated in the lottery with her clients – not to close the club for winning the sum of money.


The only winners in Australia

38 women attended the Christmas celebration on Thursday evening – when the numbers were drawn. – One of the husbands called and said: you have drawn all the numbers. We took out the ticket, checked the numbers and they were all there – the owner of the fitness club – Sue told the 7NEWS portal.

– It was a bit chaotic for a while, no one could believe it. I called the lottery organizer and they confirmed that we were the only winner in Australia and won $ 80 million, she added.

– The women cried and laughed, some were shocked. I can’t explain it, it was just an amazing, surreal feeling, she continued.

Powerball lottery

Powerball lottery was introduced in Australia in 1996, its draws take place every Thursday. The highest accumulation was $ 150 million in 2019.

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