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The Popular Party Caravan moves this Tuesday to the neighborhood of Parques de Ceuta, “a very dear place for us”, highlighted Juan Vivas himself, who has had the opportunity to greet neighbors and friends who have shown their support and discussed have come to do. With that is needed territory.

One area where Vivas and his team have gone to discuss with the press various issues that from their point of view are important to the future of the city and it is none other than those that focus on education, health and the vulnerable. Group. In three areas the Popular Party has shown its achievements but has also set goals for the future with the keys to “prosperity and social cohesion”.

Thus, in the field of education, Vivas recounts the great achievements of his time at the helm of the government, including the construction and subsequent operation of the university campus that allowed the construction of Ciudad de Ceuta and New José. . Acosta, or the introduction of three libraries (Adolfo Suárez, Moro and Estación) as well as the implementation of the agreement with the Ministry of the Regions, in which 80 professionals work and which to date are fully paid for by the city, with a budget of three million euros with. Nor has he forgotten investing in free books, scholarships or study aids with a budget of 2.7 million provided by the city. Some of the initiatives that do not show that there is no new and necessary purpose and that, as the popular candidate emphasizes, “Education is the key to social upliftment and equal opportunities, therefore, for the future the implementation of the two have defended infrastructure: the city of FP and the center of Brule. For both, he recalled, the city has offered land and is now waiting for them to be completed by the competent administration of the state. But not only that, Viva It is required to give “absolute priority to special education”, which needs significant reinforcement and for which the city is willing to use agreements with the ministry to rely on so-called “shadow teachers”. , so demanded by families. The presence of nurses in the schools is also one of the objectives of the next legislature, as is the coverage of all necessary places for infant education from 0 to 3 years of age, “the growth potential of the city”. Cornerstone”.

Also within the educational sector, Vivas highlights the achievements made in the field of vocational training such as the start-up of the Construction School, the Principe Center or the El Angulo Technology Center, “which is generating a lot of hope”. For the popular candidate, it is important to emphasize this line, which also makes it easier for companies that come to invest in the new Ceuta, “green, blue and intelligent”, to train their professionals in cutting-edge jobs. to be able. For PP, moreover, it is very important to pay special attention to the construction sector, benefiting from the future approval of PGOU and transfer of defense land (both in charge of the state) as an accelerator, whereas, after facing crises , public investment by the city has also been reactivated. For this, Vivas explained, it is necessary that “our employees can be involved through special training” and they do not need to “come from outside”.

The problem of human capital in healthcare

The other big block that the popular candidate has mentioned is the block related to health. After recounting the efforts to make the university hospital a reality, Vivas brought up the “huge problem of human capital”. A human capital, he recalled, which is fundamental so he does not understand that “the administration involved does not meet with the affected groups and does not heed their requests which is a drop of water within the ocean of the general state budget”.

In this sense, the popular candidate has indicated that his party will not attend the concentration called by the doctors for this Tuesday, although his allies are free to do so. “We are not in favor of demonstrations too much and we are in favor of doing our job well”, he later stressed that “what is true is that we are in agreement with the demands of doctors, nurses, health groups, Are”.

A comprehensive approach to support for vulnerable groups

Finally, Vivas also referred to his party’s achievements in the field of care for vulnerable groups, stating that “today we have three nursing homes that provide a good service” and that it “has done its job during the pandemic”. Demonstrated management ability”. To these, he recalled, are also added the two major centers located in Vilajovita and the Center.

“In these 20 years – highlighted by the PP candidate – we have done very important things such as IMIS, alternative housing or coverage of basic benefits” and he recalled that “there were no benefits in the field of disability and today all institutions are financing Because the city has fought it ”.

In any case, he stressed, there is still a lot to be done. Thus, he explained, “we must have a comprehensive and personalized vision of helping those in need of support and assistance for social inclusion.” An objective that includes personal attention, for which social workers will be worked to free themselves from their present bureaucratic burdens so that they can devote themselves fully to their work.

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