‘PP will rule Orihuela again and return illusions to its neighbors for their city, their districts and their coast’

The Popular Party of Orihuela presents its candidacy for the municipal elections on 28 May under the leadership of Pepe Vergara. The auditorium of La Lonja remains small in front of the huge presence of residents of the urban area, districts and coast, who enthusiastically support the new proposal of the PP in Orihuela, headed by Pepe Vergara.

During the act, the PP’s provincial president, Tony Pérez, highlighted the need for real investment commitments to Orihuela, rather than simple broken promises. Pérez insisted that the presidential candidacy of Pepe Vergara provides the necessary power to achieve change in both Orihuela and the Valencian community. It indicates an intention to recover patriarchy, commerce and the historical center, and highlights the disillusionment of the federation, power and the popular party in Orihuela.

Pepe Vergara denounces lack of management and broken promises

Pepe Vergara, candidate for mayor of Orihuela for the PP, criticized the city council’s lack of management last year, which he attributed to an unfounded proposal for the benefit of Orihuela. He cites the work of a group of councilors who have worked and continue to work to prevent things from getting completely out of control. It highlights the damage caused by Orihuela due to the lack of management and the abandonment in every corner of the municipality from Mil Palmeras to Barbarossa.


Vergara guarantees that the Popular Party, by May 28, will end the desolation in which Orihuela finds itself and will restore the illusion to all its inhabitants. Furthermore, it highlights the support of Carlos Mazzon, president of the PP in the Generalitat Valenciana, who has shown a continued commitment to the Vega Baja region. Vergara criticizes the lack of projects and investment by the Valencian government of Zimo Puig and expresses his determination to win both municipal and regional elections in order to achieve positive change in the Valencian community.

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