“Praises to the mafia”: the mayor cancels the concert of a folk singer in Calabria

She had become known for a video clip of a song in which she praised ai fugitives. But also for other “ballads” in which he launched into exaltations of Mafia bosses and men of honor. For this reason the mayor of Nardodipacein the province of Vibo Valentiahas decided to cancel the concert of the folk singer Teresa Merante which should have been held tonight a Cassari, part of the Calabrian municipality. The concert was scheduled for the celebrations in honor of “Holy Mary of the Mountain“. “Given that the program shows that the show consists in the performance of that Teresa Merante, known for having sung, during various concerts, songs praising the mafia subculture“, Is written in the provision with which the mayor of the town, Antonio Demasi, decided“ to cancel the show for reasons of public order and safety ”.

According to Southern newspaper it is not the first time that a Merante concert has been canceled: a similar case had occurred in Crotone, when it was was the Police Headquarters.

The provincial coordination of Vibo Valentia of the anti-mafia association intervened in the morning on the matter Freewho had defined the choice to hold the concert “questionableconsidering that the performance is scheduled on the sidelines of a religious festival that deserves the utmost attention “, as the singer has become well known for some songs praising the mafia subculture and the strong opposition to the police and the judiciary ”.

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