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know how will be your day May 18 According to your horoscope, although if you prefer to know how you will do throughout the week, you can also consult it in EL ESPAÑOL. It is important that you analyze each rashi carefully, because you should read not only your rashi, but also the rashi moon sign and ascendant, and possible aspects or dominant houses of your birth chart.

[El efecto Forer o por qué leemos el horóscopo y creemos en él]

It is important that you analyze each signal carefully, because You should not only read your Sun sign, you should also read the sign in which the Moon is placed.Or possible aspects or dominant houses of your birth chart.

it means that, If you are in Leo, Sagittarius ascendant and Moon in Scorpio. you should read both leo and sagittarius and also scorpio,


This is an ideal time to give a boost to your initiative and effective impulses. On the other hand, it is important that trust in others is complete in order to avoid doubts or uncertain uncertainties.

Emotion: You need to be judicious in the way you communicate and show your affection towards people close to you and especially your family.

Work: You need to pay attention to important matters related to associates with whom you have important and fruitful agreements.

Luck: Financial gains from your personal activities will increase in a beneficial way. more information…


You are in an ideal moment to use your way of being harmonious and harmonious and so that the responsibility is not on you, because it is something that you have gradually integrated.

Emotion: You will have a great influx of new ideas that will help you accelerate original and useful goals and undertakings.

Work: It is essential that you make a transformation in which you can clearly see what you have to do and dedicate yourself to.

Luck: The biggest change will be in your own way of feeling and viewing the reality of life. more information…


Maintain your empathy as strong emotions and enjoying life will delight you at this time. Follow your intuition and thus you will see the paths illuminated and you will avoid the dark areas of each action.

Emotion: Use your sixth sense to manage your relationships with close people and in your special moments with colleagues or your partner.

Work: Your dreams and perceptions will help you find the right path and the right profession.

Luck: Your visionary ability and visionary ability will be at its best on this day. After that you can organize new projects. more information…


The experience and depth you give to your works will help you know yourself. Avoid putting too much pressure on others and plan your actions halfway with those who help you all the time.

Emotion: This is a special moment to help and feel close to all the friends who need a home and help, as they have done with you.

Work: This is the time to plan projects beneficial to all with like-minded friends.

Luck: You will have new plans which you introduced long back. You need to have a personal foundation. more information…


You are in a very inspiring and energetic moment. You know you should work hard, but the effort doesn’t matter to you when the results are fruitful and spectacular.

Emotion: It will be a moment of relaxation and to show affection and generosity towards those you love most and who are close to you.

Work: You will be able to stand firm in your financial planning and new projects. You should also dedicate some part of your earning to the people who need it.

Luck: This is the moment to feel satisfaction for what you have accomplished and to let your experience and your quality and generosity shine through. more information…


This is a day to show off your unique nature and enjoy your ability to handle multiple matters at the same time in a sensible and knowledgeable manner.

Emotion: You will be able to use your great life experience and your calmness to keep the conversation on an intimate and enjoyable level.

Work: It is important that you use your best strategies and the experience that life has given you.

Luck: You can enjoy a short trip and get rid of all the noise in your mind. This will be a moment of relaxation. more information…


You have some very romantic feelings during this day, and you expect them to reciprocate as well. Your kindness and joy will be reflected and this will be important in your approach towards new projects.

Emotion: This is the best time to hold your self-esteem high and value the people around you exactly the way you feel.

Work: This is the time to refine your finances and investments in an idealistic manner and at the same time with great simplicity.

Luck: You will feel satisfaction as your investments will be positive and you will be able to help those who need it. more information…


Your mind is so engrossed in family matters that it is not happening according to your wish. You should analyze what you have not resolved in your life so that others can give back to you the positive image of your life.

Emotion: It will be a day to show your friendship and affection towards those people who have always been with you and supported you all the time.

Work: You will be able to maintain your projects as long as it is with reliable people and true friends.

Luck: Stop personalizing issues and put yourself in other people’s shoes to see how they feel. This way you will be able to understand them better. more information…


Your strengths are your kindness, your empathy and your idealism; That’s why he respects the time and ability to decide what’s best for you at all times without others knowing.

Emotion: You will be able to enjoy yourself and feel more fulfilled if you realize that you are an altruistic person who helps others.

Work: You open up a moment to feel well-being through the best methods that help you feel more relaxed and calm.

Luck: Your personal radiance will be the light that illuminates and helps others to see through your great wisdom. more information…


Your intelligence and adaptability to various fields will help you to enjoy happy moments and organize your plans in a positive and beneficial way.

Emotion: This will be a day to rest and relax from the many activities you have done.

Work: You’ll be able to enjoy the special moments and real ideas to launch and succeed.

Luck: This is the time to maintain the union with the couple and enjoy a romantic and delightful evening. more information…

Fish house

Middle ground and balance will help you and support your original plans and pace of movement. Plan your actions more calmly and you will see that everything is very favorable for you and others.

Feelings: You need to refine your bases and project what you really want. The secret is inside you.

Action: Hello, you need to arrange a stay at the place in order to feel more comfortable.

Fortune: It is important that you maintain the family base and economy in a proper manner.

, more information…


You need to rest and feel more secure in carrying out your activities. If someone needs your help, remember that you also need well-being and receive strength.

Emotion: It is time to clear up some matters of the past that were unfinished or up in the air.

Work: It is important that you organize pleasant meetings to maintain relationships and friendships with loved ones.

Luck: This is an important time to introspect and think about how you would like to feel and be right now. This is what you need. more information…

Spanish characters whose birthday is May 18th

1953: Enrique Jimenez Carrero, Spanish painter.

1964: Ignaci Gardens, Spanish politician.

1973: Tony Garrido, Spanish journalist.

1979: Iago Garcia, Spanish actor.

1992: Fernando Pacheco, Spanish football player.

Historical facts of Spain on May 18

1903: King Alfonso XIII opens Parliament with a speech.

1963: The Sports City of Real Madrid Football Club is inaugurated in the Paseo de la Castellana in Madrid.

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