Pregliasco and the importance of vaccination coverage

Six million cases of influenza and a resumption of infections from Covid are on the way. Without alarmism and excessive fears, we must prepare ourselves to face the arrival of the cold. Vaccines are the best defense weapon, it is not worth waiting for the last useful update. The frail and the elderly are always the most at risk.

Professor Fabrizio Pregliasco, virologist and health director of Ircss Galeazzi: since last week we can have the updated vaccination against the first Omicron variants, but in the next few days the new vaccines prepared to combat the latest strains of Covid in circulation today will also arrive. What do you advise?

You don’t have to do like with smartphones and run to the store as soon as the new model comes out. If a person needs to renew the protection it is good to get the vaccine at the time available without waiting any longer. Of course, vaccinations are and will always be constantly updated. But they all work, it’s proven. Four to six months after the last recall or recovery, the defenses begin to weaken. Therefore it is good to strengthen the protection. Vaccines are a guarantee against the most serious manifestations of the disease, against hospitalization and the risk of mortality. Considering that we are approaching the cold season, with a co presence of more viruses, we must arm ourselves against an endemic, undulating trend of the pandemic and against the arrival of the flu.

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