Pregnant Blake Lively laughs at Ryan Reynolds dance. Video

Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds have long understood what the secret to a beautiful marriage is on and off camera: don’t take yourself too seriously and support each other with a smile. The pair of actors demonstrate it frequently through the exchange of jokes via social media: this time it was Reynolds who was the “victim” of good-natured ridicule, who shared a video on Instagram dating back to the period in which he was preparing for the filming of Spirited – Christmas magicthe Apple Original musical starring him alongside Will Ferrell.

Choreography by Ryan Reynolds

In the clip, Reynolds And Ferrell they are busy learning a choreography to be reproduced during the shooting of the film: we see the two co-protagonists perform the dance moves at their best, carried away by the rhythm despite a little cute awkwardness. The caption reads: «You must be willing not to know how to do something if you want to… learn how to make it a little less worse? Here’s Will and I proving that thesis! We are very honored by the success of Spirited». Beyond the more than 700 thousand like collected from the video, the real fun continues in the comments below.

Blake Lively’s commentary

Among the funniest reactions, that of the actress Kerry Washington who wrote: «I would like to watch an entire film made up only of dance rehearsals by Spirited», or that of his colleague and ex-American football player Terry Crews who with the flame emoticon expressed respect and support for the willing Reynolds and Ferrell. But the funniest comment is, as always, that of Blake Lively which leaves written: «Can you get pregnant if you are already pregnant?». A tease, mixed with a compliment, which was worth over 65 thousand like by fans of the couple.

Blake and Ryan are expecting their fourth child

Lively’s comment refers to the fourth child the Hollywood couple is coming: the official announcement dates back to September, when the actress appeared, with a baby bump, on the New York red carpet of the Forbes Power event dedicated to women. “We’re very happy,” Reynolds later commented in an interview with ET magazine. “I’d be an idiot if I had four children but didn’t love them or didn’t enjoy raising them.” We still don’t know if the little ones James7 years, Ines6, and Betty3 years, Lively-Reynolds they will have a brother or sister: it will be necessary to wait for the arrival of the unborn child, even to know its name.

Their love story in pills

The meeting between Lively and Reynolds took place in 2010 on the set of the film, which later turned out to be a flop, The Green Lantern, in which he played the superhero protagonist. Before a real spark was triggered, however, the two stars turned around a bit: he was still married to his colleague Scarlett Johansson while she, according to rumors of the time, was experiencing a flirtation with none other than Leonardo Dicaprio. “We’ve been friends for a long time,” Reynolds later said in several interviews. «We met again a year after shooting the film, we had organized a dinner for four, I with another and she with another: when we sat down at the table, however, we realized that we only have eyes for each other». The two got married in 2012 and, after 10 years of marriage, they still seem to love each other as they did on the first day.


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