Preliminary studies show that the vaccine against Omikron is effective

“Although the transmission capability of the Omikron variant appears to be greater, studies from South Africa, the UK and some EU countries indicate that the risk of hospitalization with Omikron infection is lower than with the Delta variant infection,” the EMA statement said on Tuesday.

The research also shows that the effectiveness of vaccines in the prevention of symptomatic Covid-19 is lower with Omikron than with other coronavirus strains. At the same time, they confirm that the Covid-19 vaccines available on the European market provide protection against hospitalization and the severe course of the disease.

According to research conducted in South Africa, people vaccinated with two doses of the preparation are 70 percent. protected against hospitalization. A similar UK study found that hospitalization protection increased to 90% after a booster dose.

EMA stressed that vaccination remains an important part of the campaign against the coronavirus pandemic. The agency announced that it will continue research on the variant of Omikron, which is becoming more and more common in Europe.

Pfizer announces a new vaccine

The vaccine against the Omikron variant, which is being developed by Pfizer, will be ready in March and its production has already started, the company’s chief Albert Bourla said on Monday. However, he admitted that it was still unclear whether a special formulation against the variant was needed.

– This vaccine will be ready in March. We have already started production of a certain amount – said the CEO of Pfizer in an interview with CNBC. As he noted, the preparation is also intended to protect against other circulating variants of SARS-CoV-2.

The businessman said that production had started despite the fact that it was still unclear whether a special Omicron vaccine was needed or how it would be used. However, he added that some countries want it to be ready as soon as possible.

“Hopefully we will achieve something that will give you much better protection, especially against infections, because protection against hospitalization and death makes sense with current vaccines as long as you get a third dose,” said Bourla.

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