President Erdogan: Even if we don’t think the same way about everything, we should be able to look in the same direction – LAST MINUTE TURKISH NEWS

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke at the “Diploma and Banner Handover Ceremony” held at the National Defense University Naval Academy Command in Tuzla, Istanbul.

Pointing out that it is not the right way to strangle the republic, which represents a new beginning in 1000 years of history in this land with concerts and visual feasts, President Erdoğan continued as follows:

“The main issue is to understand the commemoration programs as well as the values ​​that the Republic represents, and to mark the occasion as a nation with great enthusiasm to move towards the future. Making these important anniversaries one of the milestones is our country’s journey from the past to the horses. We will celebrate the year 2023 as a government that brings together the Republic and the Republic. We are trying to understand it because it is worth it. We need a glimpse of the past The need for a comprehensive accounting We end a century with bitter, true wrongs. It is important that we chart our roadmap for the next century in the light of the lessons it draws. Only in this way can we have a second century Our republic is very strong.” Despite all the difficulties and betrayals, the quality that has kept it alive through the centuries is its unity, solidarity and brotherhood. We saw once again on 15th July that no artillery, tanks or weapons could intimidate this “heart that beats the masses.”

“Even if we don’t think the same things and share the same opinion on everything, we should be able to look in the same direction”

Expressing that he wanted to make the 100th anniversary of the Republic an occasion to realize the great embrace of 85 million, Erdoğan said, “We should be able to look in the same direction, even if we do not agree on every issue.” Don’t think or share.” similar idea. Even though our origins, lifestyles and ideologies are different, as Turkish, we especially “we should be able to meet on an equal basis. We should be able to enhance our shared relations instead of deepening our differences. Our 100th anniversary march, which we presented last night to our nation’s appreciation, was one step in that direction. I look forward to adding to these steps in the coming weeks.” statements are used.

“From then on, we will continue to bless good intentions”

Emphasizing that it is one’s duty to serve the country in the best possible way, Erdoğan continued as follows:

“As this understanding takes root, we see that state institutions are now on the agenda with their success. Our army ensures the security of our homeland, our police ensure the peace and well-being of our citizens, our intelligence Prevents subversive activities Our foreign ministry boldly defends Turkey’s rights and interests in acts committed against our country Our judiciary is independent and fair By distributing justice in a way In short, the basic institutions of the state now only doing their job, serving not just a few centers and formations, but also 85 million.” The July 15 betrayal has failed in this regard as well. I hope that we will continue to frustrate insidious intentions from now on.”

President Erdoğan said that Turkey is a country whose star is shining brightly as a monument of stability in a geography full of wars and tensions.

Emphasizing that they own two of the world’s most strategic waterways, Istanbul and the Çanakkale Strait, Erdoğan said, “With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the eyes of the entire humanity are almost fixed on the Black Sea. , The Mediterranean Sea is also important.” The role in global trade comes to the fore with its energy resources. “Our region, which a century ago was the competing arena of great powers, is today the scene of the same struggle. In an equation where chaos and uncertainty grow, Turkey makes a name for itself through its military, diplomatic, economic and political moves Make.” Said.

“We are a country that not only makes games, but also makes games against us when necessary”

Stating that the steps taken in the field of defense industry have instilled confidence in the nation and fear in the hearts of opponents, Erdoğan used the following expressions:

“Now, our national defense and defense industry was 20 percent domestic, especially 20 years ago, but today it has become 80 percent domestic. Everyone already acknowledges our superiority in armed, unarmed and unmanned aerial vehicles. Even in warship technology, who can design, develop, build and maintain their own ships.” We are one of 10 countries. We have reached a new league in this sector with our naval flagship TCG Anadolu, which we put into service in April. We have a SİHA ship with which our Bayraktar TB3 SİHA, Kızılelma and Hürjet light attack aircraft can land and take off. Thanks to TCG Anadolu, we have a battalion-sized force, the main “we will be able to move it easily to troubled areas in the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea regions without the need for base support. We are a country that Not only set up games, but also disrupt games against us when necessary. We have shown many times in recent years that this is truth rather than hostile rhetoric.”

“We left the terrorists up to their deal”

Noting that Turkey, despite all threats and pressures, wanted to surround a terror corridor in spite of the military operations carried out in northern Syria, leaving its aspirations for a state of terror in the fields, he said, We did this in Kudi, we did this in Gabar, we did this in Tendurek, Basler Deresi. We did this and made the terrorists moan in their lair. By supporting the legitimate government of Libya, we both did this for the country. prevented partition and guaranteed our rights in the Mediterranean. We without hesitation rushed to the aid of our brothers with all our means in the struggle to liberate the lands occupied by Can Azerbaijan. Thus, together with our Azerbaijani brothers , we ensured the liberation of Karabakh after almost 30 years of oppression and occupation.” assessed it.

Pointing to their attitude towards the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, President Erdoğan said, “Our attitude towards aggressive actions against the Aegean is already known to all our interlocutors. protect rights and laws.” Mediterranean until the end.” Used his words.

Emphasizing that they will not let any bloody criminals, from Daesh to PKK, from FETO to DHKPC, hold their breath, President Erdoğan said, “We first identify where the terrorists are located, and then We destroy them one by one. While we are thwarting any attempt against our national security, we are making sincere efforts to establish peace and stability in our region.” Said.

“We will not stain our freedom”

Indicating that from now on they will continue this struggle with the same respect everywhere, President Erdoğan said:

“We will not tarnish our freedom. We will not curtail our democracy. We will not allow any power above the national will. We will not oppress the souls of our martyrs. will protect.” To pray, which is a sign of our freedom and future at the cost of our lives. We will neither become docile sheep in the face of persecution nor go through unnecessary adventures.” “We will pursue it. We will do what is right for Türkiye and the great Turkish nation. Together with you, we will achieve all this with the determination, courage and self-sacrifice of our sailors.”

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