President Millais: What was the Austrian School that inspired him and how did it influence his radical economic thinking?


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Friedrich Hayek, the greatest proponent of the Austrian School.

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“I consider the nation as an enemy” are the words of Argentina’s elected president, Javier Millay, and his economic thinking is condensed into six words.

Milley, a self-identified libertarian, has called for deep cuts in public spending, deregulation of the economy, privatization of public companies, closing the central bank, cutting taxes, eliminating workers’ compensation for layoffs, and ultimately He won this Sunday’s election on a promise to obliterate the foundations of the nation. Argentina’s economic system.

All radical measures that signify a 180-degree turn in the politics and economy of a country in crisis.

Full dollarization of the economy was one of the proposals that aroused the greatest interest and controversy both domestically and internationally, and became a symbol for economists who called themselves “market anarchists” who abhorred the devaluation of the Argentine peso. “It’s not even worth excrement.”shouted from the rooftops about Argentina’s currency.

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