President of Estonia: We want more NATO troops

– We want more NATO soldiers in Estonia – the president unambiguously announced in an interview with Politico. In his opinion, in the face of the mobilization of Russian forces on the borders of Ukraine, the Alliance should not waste any time and strengthen its defense capabilities.

– We need a strong presence to make sure we are not attacked – said Karis, adding that he was happy to accept Denmark’s decision to strengthen its military presence in Lithuania by sending additional fighters there.

Russia will attack Estonia?

The head of the Estonian state was also asked whether an attack by the Russian Federation on his homeland was likely.

– You never know. There have been surprises in history, he replied. – Every time a situation like now in Ukraine arises, such questions arise – he added.

The president also confirmed that he plans to visit Kiev in March. He announced that, unlike his predecessor, Kersti Kaljulaid, he did not intend to meet Vladimir Putin in Moscow.

– At the moment, relations with Russia are frozen. It is not just about Estonia, but all of Europe. The first step is for NATO to start some kind of discussion, said Karis.

The head of the Ministry of National Defense warns

A few days ago, the head of the defense ministry of Estonia, Kalle Laanet, also warned about Russia’s aggression.

– The security of our continent and the Alliance is at risk. The eastern neighbor of the European Union does not want to live in peace and democracy, and does not allow others to live like this, he said on 3 December.

Laanet stated that the Russian Federation treats some countries as “territories for conquest, not independent states, in which people have their own language, culture and the inalienable right to choose their own development path and on this basis their partners”.

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