PRESS. “The problem of Legia are foreigners, transit players, they do not want anything”

They look like very “transit” players, earning great money, but not particularly attached to the place and club they are currently represented. Some of them proved, though long ago, that they are cool musicians, such as Luquinhas. Today he looks like a guy who demands nothing of himself. They remained similar. Once upon a time, our league used to mock laziness on the pitch: “Fuck… oh, I don’t eat-… but I’ll run.” The current legionnaires rarely even want to run – says Dariusz Czykier in “Przegląd Sportowy” about foreigners playing in the Legion. What else is in the press today?


Legia must count on a miracle today. What about tomorrow? The position of coach Gołębiewski is not certain, changes are possible already in winter. And Vuković volunteers to come back.

Raków Częstochowa, Lechia Gdańsk, Lech Poznań, Piast Gliwice, Pogoń Szczecin, Stal Mielec and Górnik Zabrze – this is Legia’s league list of shame. To this should be added two defeats against Napoli in the Europa League. Nightmare. – Legia has been in existence for 105 years, and this season has broken several infamous records. If there were such a proposal, I would put my pride in my pocket. I am ready to help Legia in difficult times – said Aleksandar Vuković, former player and coach of Legia, who … still has an important contract with her! Until June 2022, “Aco” says. – I would not impose any additional conditions – added the Serbian coach. Who and when will become the new Legia coach has been talked about for a long time. After the game with Górnik Zabrze, coach Gołębiewski emphasized that the club’s authorities should be asked about it. Let us recall that it was previously said that the trainer would lead the “military” at least until the end of the season. Probably not, since his balance sheet is a victory and 4 defeats. It seems that the change will take place in the winter, and everyone associated with the Legia would see Marek Papshun at Łazienkowska Street. It is even said that the coach of Raków is after the word with Dariusz Mioduski, the owner of the Polish champion.

Interview with the Portuguese journalist of “Record” – about the play-off draws. Sergio Krithinas says that Portugal would prefer to avoid Poland in the draw.

What, then, can Fernando Santos await in the near future? Will she stay in her position?

– After this unfortunate meeting with Serbia, he gave an interview in which he said that he would quit his job if his team failed to qualify for the World Cup finals. Our football federation also looks at everything this way. So now it all depends on play-off games. If we drop out, Santos will say goodbye to his post. If not, he will lead the team at next year’s World Cup in Qatar. I would also like to add that his contract is valid until the European Championship in 2024. It was recently extended, but things could change. Of course, Portugal was among the teams seeded in Friday’s draw to the World Cup.

Who is the perfect rival in the first part of these play-offs? North Macedonia?

– Yes, I think that for everyone he is a dream opponent at this stage. Although in truth, there are no easy rivals here and there can be problems with everyone. According to all the analyzes, simulations and comparisons presented here, Macedonians are the best candidate to play as the first opponent. It would be the most difficult for everyone to play against Italy, but that doesn’t apply to us yet. However, it is better to avoid this rival at any stage. It is similar in the case of the Polish national team. We would rather not play with you.

Krzysztof Kubica – the hero of Górnik’s match with Legia. And completely unexpectedly – one of the best shooters among youth.

– I scored a goal and I didn’t even know what to do. Such emotions, so many fans in the stands … Everyone was shouting, I was also happy, it’s great to win the match in front of such an audience. It’s great, especially since we haven’t been doing much lately. We had situations but we couldn’t score. It was hard to turn these situations into goals and we were losing matches. Now I have succeeded with Legia. We’ve come out of it all, and keep it up. It could be a breakthrough for us when it comes to the next matches – emphasizes Krzysztof Kubica. However, in the confrontation with the Polish champion, it could be different. After all, the guests made up for the loss at the beginning of the second half, and one more hit for them was not recognized. – I was warming up, I didn’t see everything well, but Legia dominated us and sat on our half. She scored two goals and we lacked confidence. After these changes, the coach said to help defensive and to add something – if possible – to the front. We succeeded, and most importantly, we won. This is my most valuable victory in the league – he emphasizes.


Legion’s desperate fight to regain face. Leicester points would improve both the mood in the dressing room and the mood among the fans.

Less than three months have passed and it is not so funny anymore. But Legia still has something of a Bond – the balance of the last seven matches in the league is 007, where the first two digits indicate the number of wins and draws, and the last – defeats. The atmosphere in the team is terrible, the change of the coach did not help much. The empty one and Salomon does not pour – the players that Marek Gołębiewski has at his disposal are not able to lift the team out of the collapse. The wind is blowing in the eyes – recently in Zabrze the legionnaires allowed Górnik to suppress himself (until the break 0:10 in shots and 0: 2 in goals), to lead to a draw in a few minutes of the second half, waste a few opportunities and allow himself to score a goal for 2: 3 in added time. To write that Legia is on the shoulder is nothing to write home about. The team from Warsaw is desperately fighting to regain face in sports.

Grzegorz Szeliga admits that the game between Wisła Kraków and Legia Warszawa in 1993 was sold. He wanted to say it now – he doesn’t want to take it to the grave.

– I knew all the players of Legia back then, there was a stalking on their part, but the proposal came from the activists of the Warsaw club. They came up to me outside the stadium, put the money in my pants pocket, and told me to get down. Then, for years, there were pressure from Legion activists to shut up. For this reason, I have been silent for so many years. I live in Warsaw, I can see the Legia stadium through the window – Szeliga told us. He doesn’t remember what the amount was. “There’s a denomination on the way… I know there were four in front. I got the money myself, I didn’t have to share it with anyone. What did I spend them on? For life. At that time, we did not have high contracts in Wisła, we did not earn the salaries that the players now have – he noted. The main shadow of suspicion did not fall on Szeliga for a long time. Even though he played for Legia in the years (1987–1989), he still had a lot of friends in Warsaw. On the other hand, as a striker, he was not responsible for the goals that were serially lost by Wisła in the clash with Legia. – I didn’t have half the time in this match. I don’t remember any occasion, I didn’t get any applications. Were other colleagues also paid? I suppose so, but that’s none of my business, said the 53-year-old. He quickly realized what mistake he had made. Already during the match it got unpleasant when fans chanted “Thieves!”, “Master for money!” or “How much did you take, Wisełek, how much did you take?”. After the final whistle, no one he was going to light a barbecue and sum up the season in a nice atmosphere. – After the game I took a taxi to Nowa Huta. I came to the apartment. I put the money on my wife’s table. At 11 p.m. we packed our car because we had to flee Krakow. I was afraid for my family. At three in the morning we arrived in Warsaw, at the Central Railway Station. Legia fans enjoyed the championship there. What I felt then is indescribable … – he admitted.

Dariusz Czykier about Jagiellonia and Legia. Claims that the problem of Polish champions is blasé, overpaid foreigners who do not want anything.

Legia has an incredibly fatal streak. She lost the seventh game in a row.

Today Legia’s disease are foreigners, clearly not interested in playing one hundred percent of their abilities.

How much do they want?

At the top 70. They look like very “transit” footballers, earning great money, but not particularly attached to the place and club they are currently represented. Some of them proved, though long ago, that they are cool musicians, such as Luquinhas. Today he looks like a guy who demands nothing of himself. They remained similar. Once upon a time, our league used to mock laziness on the pitch: “Fuck… oh, I don’t eat-… but I’ll run.” The present legionnaires rarely even want to run. As for Jagiellonia, there are no complexes today, unlike in my times, when we made our debut in the league. We passed a sign saying “Białystok” and started shaking. We had complexes about the “big” world. None of us have played in the league before, most of us were from Białystok and its vicinity. For us, the league was a snapshot on TV. And when we got into it, we wanted to play the same as in the second league, offensively. Nothing of that! It was a guerrilla war, that is, a fight and an ambition. We waited for the sentence during our trips. Hold on a little longer, there will be a draw … Of course it wasn’t. There is nothing to rummage around. One of the best away games in history, Jaga played at Legia in modern times, beating it a few years ago 2-0. During Mamrot’s previous term.


Jon Flanagan, a former England international says that Leicester is against the wall before the match with Legia.

– What match do you expect?

– Leicester has to win it, and Legia should be satisfied with the draw, so I don’t think the Poles want to reveal themselves. I perfectly remember the match in Warsaw. There, Legia played very well in defense. The Polish goalkeeper was doing quite well.

– Who should the players of Legia be afraid of on Thursday?

– It’s hard to predict who Brendan Rodgers will bet on. Vardy has been shooting regularly in the league for many seasons, but there are others like Ichenacho, Tielemans and Daka. The latter scored four goals in Moscow. Maybe he will also find a way to fight Legia. A new match is a new story. I am convinced that the players of Legia will want to present their maximum. They will play against the representative of the Premier League, in his stadium, in front of many fans. This will surely release even more energy.

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