Pressure on the Milan stock exchange, which is losing ground together with the other European stock exchanges

(Teleborsa) – Negative day for Piazza Affari, which trades heavilytogether with the other Eurolistini.

L’Euro / US dollar maintains its position substantially stable at 0.9948. Weak session forgold, which trades with a drop of 0.55%. Sales on oil prevail (Light Sweet Crude Oil), which continues the day at 87.54 points, down sharply by 1.72%.

On the levels of the eve it spreadwhich remained at +205 basis points, with the yield on the ten-year BTP standing at 4.09%.

Among the main European stock exchanges the negative performance of Frankfurtwhich falls by 1.00%, London drops by 1.01%, and a decline decided for Pariswhich marks a -0.92%.

Negative session for Piazza Affari, with the FTSE MIB which is leaving 1.28% on the parterre, breaking the positive chain of four consecutive increases, which began last Monday; on the same line, the FTSE Italia All-Sharewhich slips to 24,224 points.

Downhill the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (-1.14%); with the same direction, the negative FTSE Italia Star (-1.12%).

Best performer among the most capitalized Italian stocks, ENI advances by 1.15%.

The strongest falls, on the other hand, occur on STMicroelectronicswhich continues the session with -3.72%.

Under pressure Saipemwith a sharp decline of 3.30%.

Suffers Nexiwhich shows a loss of 2.89%.

Prey of the sellers Monclerwith a decrease of 2.78%.

Among the protagonists of the FTSE MidCap, Tod’s (+ 2.65%), Maire Tecnimont (+ 0.97%) e Piaggio (+ 0.95%).

The strongest sales, on the other hand, show up on Anima Holdingwhich continues trading at -3.79%.

Sales focus on IRENwhich suffers a decline of 2.93%.

Sales on Mfe Awhich recorded a decline of 2.69%.

Negative sitting for Safilowhich shows a loss of 2.62%.

Among macroeconomic appointments which will have the greatest influence on market trends:

Friday 28/10/2022
07:30 France: GDP, quarterly (expected 0.2%; previous 0.5%)
08:45 France: Production prices, monthly (previous 2.8%)
08:45 France: Consumer prices, annual (expected 5.7%; previous 5.6%)
08:45 France: Consumption prices, monthly (expected 0.5%; previous -0.6%)
9:00 am Spain: GDP, quarterly (expected 0.3%; previous 1.5%)
9:00 am Spain: Consumption prices, monthly (1% expected; previous -0.7%)
9:00 am Spain: Consumption prices, annual (8% expected; previous 8.9%).

(Teleborsa) 28-10-2022 09:30

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