Pretty Princess 3, a new sequel with Anne Hathaway in the works?

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Several months ago Julie Andrews she didn’t seem convinced to take part in a possible new sequel to Pretty Princess and, apparently, too Anne Hathaway is not officially on board of the project even if Disney seems intent on realizing it. Mia Thermopolis will return as the protagonist of the new film written by Aadrita Mukerji, but the actress who played the role of the young princess of Genovia for two films has said she intends to return only if Queen Clarissa Renaldi, or Julie Andrews, will also be part of the cast.

Will Julie Andrews be there?


Anne Hathaway on Pretty Princess 3: ‘I’m pushing hard to do it’

“If there’s a way to involve Julie Andrews, I think it could work,” said Hathaway who is taking time to evaluate the proposal and see what the colleague will say. In fact, at the moment Andrews’ involvement is also in doubt and there have been no definitive confirmations either in a positive or a negative sense. The game is still open, and this is expected third film continue the previous story, so it will definitely not be a reboot. Directed by the late Garry Marshall and based on the novel by Meg Cabot, Pretty Princess began his adventure with the first film in 2001.

The story of Pretty Princess


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Pretty Princess chronicles the life of an awkward American teenager who discovers she is heir to the throne of the European kingdom of Genovia. We also find Mandy Moore as cheerleader Lana Thomas e Sandra Oh as Vice Principal Gupta, two memorable roles in the original film. Despite mixed reviews, the family film became a box office hit with $165 million in ticket sales globally. The next film, also directed by Marshall, introduced Chris Pine and was equally successful in theaters with $134 million worldwide.

Pretty Princess 3 will it be done or not?

Pretty Princess 3 it would still be in progress with the ok of Disney, but still in its infancy. Debra Martin Chase has been confirmed as executive producer, after her work with the previous films in the saga, and plot details are still top secret, as there is still no confirmation on the main cast, although Hathaway has always been in favor of a sequel. We’ll see how it turns out.

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