Pretty Princess, the third film is coming, but will Anne Hathaway be there?

Remember Pretty Princess, the film debut of Anne Hathaway? A third film is coming soon

Disney has announced plans to work on a film set in Genovia, the fictional realm at the center of the film series that became a cult hit among teenagers in the early 1900s. Based on the book series The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabotthe first Pretty Princess was released in 2001 and marked the big screen debut of Hathaway, then 18 years old, after a few television roles. Flanked by the legendary Julie AndrewsHollywood icon for his roles in Mary Poppins And All together passionatelyhere in the role of the icy queen mother, the young actress played Mia, a very normal fifteen year old who discovers that she is the heir to the throne of the kingdom of Genovia, in fact, and must face not only the pressure of becoming a perfect aristocrat but also the hardships and insecurities of any teenager.

The film, which also starred actresses such as Mandy Moore and Sandra Oh, instantly became a minor cult hit, an unexpected sleeper hit that ended up earning $165 million at the worldwide box office. A movie sequel, Prince charming wantedreleased in 2004, confirmed the success of the saga, also inaugurating the career of another actor who is now very successful in Hollywood, Chris Pine, and garnering global receipts of over 134 million. For years there has been talk of a third film even though plans for a threequel were frozen in 2016 following the death of Gary Marshallthe director of the two original titles as well as immortal rom-coms such as pretty woman And If you run away, I’ll marry you. Now, however, Disney intends to return to theaters.


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Anne’s doubt

Even if the production of the third film it is now certain, there is no equal certainty on the return of its main protagonists, in particular of Anne Hathaway herself. At the moment there is no confirmation of his involvementeven if only last October the actress had expressed keen interest in a return: “Not only would I like the idea, but I’m pushing for it to come about”, she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight: “If there is any way to get Julie Andrews involved again, I think it will be a success”. Hathaway therefore seems to have set a kind of condition and her return is substantially linked to the return of her colleague.

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