‘Pretty Woman and Officer and Gentleman Didn’t Interest Me’

Of memorable roles, Richard Gere has interpreted galore: we believe not to fall into error, however, in indicating her performances in Pretty Woman and Officer and Gentleman as the most iconic and well-known of her entire career. What if we told you that neither of the two films had inspired too much interest in the good Richard?

Yes, because on the day of 73rd birthday of the actor (Richard Gere was in fact born in Philadelphia on August 31, 1949) we are reminded of some of his statements regarding precisely those that are in all likelihood his two most loved films.

Pretty Woman it’s something I never thought I’d do, and the same goes for Officer and Gentleman. The scripts weren’t of my interest. Knocking on my door was the same person for both films, for Disney and for Paramount, namely Jeffrey Katzenberg, who was my first friend in this world and still is today. […] At the time of Pretty Woman I had ruined my career to the point that no one said: ‘Well, let’s take Gere to make this movie’“were Gere’s words about it.

Do you think about it? A Richard Gere at the height of his success might have said no to both films: definitely a great pity! Returning to the film with Julia RobertsMeanwhile, here’s how the actress was instrumental in convincing Richard Gere to participate.

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