Pretty Woman, Richard Gere on the possible remake or reboot: “Artistically it doesn’t make sense”

Richard Gere, host of the Magna Grecia Film Festival, revealed why he thinks it’s not a good idea to make a remake or reboot of Pretty Woman.

Richard Gereguest of the Magna Grecia Film Festival where he will be awarded with the Golden Column, took a dip in his memory talking about Pretty Womanthe film released in theaters in 1990.
The actor has in fact explained why he does not consider in a positive way the possible realization of a reboot or a remake, also revealing that there was talk in the past of a possible sequel.

Responding to questions from the press present at the nineteenth edition of the event that takes place in Catanzaro until August 7, Richard Gere said speaking of Pretty Woman: “I remember Garry Marshall, who had been the director and also co-writer of the film, would come up to Julia Roberts and me every now and then and say, ‘What if?’ And then he added possible scenarios. It used to be what would happen if my character was engaged in a political campaign in an attempt to become a senator and in the meantime they got married, and someone found out that my wife was a prostitute in the past.“.
However, the actor underlined: “The script was never made. There were two or three other ideas that never got beyond that stage“.

Richard Gere: “Festivals will save the collective experience of seeing a film”

Richard then reiterated: “You have to understand how films like that happen: it’s a kind of magic. You can’t do it at the table. We didn’t know it was going to be a film with that success, which everyone would appreciate. We shot a little film to the best of our ability. And then the magic happened, there was some fairy dust around. You cannot decide that it is so a priori, it is impossible. A bit like falling in love: you can’t make yourself fall in love, it just happens. This is one of those great things about making a film. If you put all these elements into a computer to make a film that way, any feature film would be brilliant, but it doesn’t happen that way. There must be magic. So the idea of ​​reboot, remake and all … I understand that the business forces you to do it, but artistically it doesn’t make any sense.“.

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