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Editorial weather Wednesday 21 September: prevalence of sunshine with cool lows, a cyclone arrives over the weekend

Editorial weather Wednesday 21 SeptemberAccentuated diurnal temperature range: the difference between the minimum and maximum temperatures in these days is decidedly high. In the Center-North, it often goes from autumn values ​​at dawn, with at most 10 ° C in the plains, up to summer afternoon values ​​around 25/27 ° C. It means at least 15 ° C of diurnal temperature excursion, practically the change from one season to another in less than 12 hours!

This implies a change of season for wardrobes with the need to quickly find almost winter clothes like the duvet or hat to go out early in the morning; on the other hand, we must keep light clothing on hand if we want to go to the park in the afternoon.

In other words a ‘crazy weather, go out with the duvet but wear a hat‘, so as not to get a sunstroke in the hottest hours. But how long will this situation last?
We still expect cold days in the morning and mild in the central hours until Saturday, then everything will change.
An Atlantic disturbance will isolate itself on the Iberian Peninsula and push southern wet currents towards Italy over the weekend: this flow will bring a rising clouds and as we know with the clouds the minimum temperatures will rise significantly.

It’s what we define ‘blanket effect‘: the clouds during the night do not allow the air to cool and act as a’ soft wool blanket ‘with the lows that are less cold.

Conversely, the maximums will tend to drop due to the opposite effect of cloud cover when the sun’s rays cannot warm the lower layers.
In summary with lows on the rise and falling highs the gap will reduce in an extreme way: from Sunday thediurnal temperature range will pass from 15 ° C to about 3 ° C in the Center-North! In the South it will be hot for a few more days.

We will spend a week mostly dry and cold in the morning to a typical period autumnal, gray with rain and temperatures between 14 and 17 ° C.

In the end we must report that the weekend will not be remembered only for the change in temperatures: at the moment heavy rains are also expected to start from Saturday on North and Tuscany, in subsequent extension to Umbria and Lazio with possible storms.

But we will have occasion to talk about it again, following theevolution of meteorological models and daily updates.


Wednesday 21. In the North: scattered clouds in the North East moving towards the West. In the center: sunny, some showers between Abruzzo and Molise moving towards Lazio; local showers in Sardinia. In the south: widespread instability between Calabria and Sicily with downpours.

Thursday 22. In the north: partly cloudy sky. Center: sunny except for some thickening on the hills, showers in Sardinia. In the south: variable with strong thunderstorms in Sicily.

Friday 23. In the north: sunny with haze coming from the west. Center: sunny except for showers in Sardinia. In the south: sunny, some showers in Sicily.

Trend. Over the weekend, clouds increased; possible sharp deterioration from Saturday 24 September onwards with widespread rains and a significant drop in the maximum values.

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