PRGarage includes X-Madrid and Trek bicycles

PRGarage has begun managing the communications and public relations strategy for X-Madrid and Trek Bicycle.

P.R.Garage Has assumed the management of the communication and public relations strategy of two important clients: X-Madrid and Trek Cycles.

PRGarage Adds X-Madrid to Its Client Portfolio

First of all, PRGarage will work closely with X-Madrid, An innovative and unique destination for leisure, experiences and retail in Spain, owned by Merlin Properties.

The aim of this cooperation will be Promote X-Madrid status and promote all holiday options, fashion and restoration that providesEspecially highlighting its differentiation in relation to other shopping centres.

Among the attractions and operators present in X-Madrid are:

  • MarepolisDiving and Apnea Center with the deepest pool in Spain, 20 meters deep
  • be surfhub and its infinite wave for surfing
  • climbing and its climbing wall 15 meters high, where the Spanish Difficulty Climbing Cup is held
  • theme shops such as those related to the Harry Potter universe, Wonka, anime, ECC comics and Juguetronica
  • First 100% vegetarian restaurant Located in a commercial location.

PRGarage Adds Trek Bicycles to Its Customer Portfolio

As for Trek bicycle, PRGarage will be in charge of strengthening the company’s presence and its relationship with the media, Focus will be on Trek Cycles’ core products, with a special emphasis on its brands Electra and TrekAs well as in its various models.

Similar work will be done with the company’s spokespersons in Spain Boost your visibility and promote your message effectively,

Four new sectors oriented to the dynamism of the sector

All this coincides with a reinforcement in the consultancy’s internal structure, driven by field dynamics, Its purpose is to anticipate changes in industry trends.

In this scenario, some areas acquire special relevance within the agency. one of the departments Customer Services, whose main mission is to maintain quality relationships with the brands we cooperate with. Its focus is on effective daily management, ensuring care and meeting the needs of our business partners.

Further, in view of the growth in our workforce and the dynamic changes imposed by the market in activities related to internal communication and corporate culture, The internal communication sector plays a fundamental role. Its primary objective is drive continuous improvement To embrace new challenges and foster a collaborative and inspiring environment, throughout the organization in this area.

It has chosen the direction of these new areas internal agency teamwhich was already acting transversely on them and which would lead to each of them interdependently.

hence, arantza chivete And alvaro fernandez will lead the field of Customer Services in the departments of Corporate Communications and Consumer Affairs respectively; virginia head, will be responsible for the Internal Communications and Corporate Culture verticals; And finally, elizabeth left Will be responsible for publicity visibility And external communication From PR Garage.

Mario Jimenez, CEO of PRGarage, expressed his satisfaction with the achievements made during the first quarter of 2023. The agency has added several new clients to its portfolio, the most recent being X-Madrid and Trek Cycles. Jiménez noted his enthusiasm to contribute to the strategic positioning of both companies in Spain and to partner in this new path.

The Director General highlights that at the beginning of this year, with a significant increase in staff at the end of 2022, areas that were not previously present in the Agency have been implemented. the purpose is Provide even more complete service by providing customers with valuable information and anticipated trends.

The importance of the PRGarage team is also emphasized, for the same reason Seeks to reinforce the agency’s values ​​and culture both internally and externally. According to Jiménez, the task will fall on four outstanding professionals who were already an essential part of the consultancy and who will now play an even more important role in the agency’s structure.

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