Price blocked on electricity and gas, now contracts are being changed and bills are increasing

Bills at a fixed price? Not at all. The gas and electricity companies have been warning their customers since the beginning of the year: contracts will change (unilaterally) and tariffs will be higher. Even if the contract said “fixed price”. All this in an absolutely legal way: it is the law that allows it. What the user can do is look for a better offer from another operator, on the free or protected market. And then, take advantage of this crisis to learn how to consume less. Consumer associations have no doubts. “These days – explains Consumerismo No Profit – citizens and businesses from all over Italy that are part of the free energy market are receiving notices of withdrawal or unilateral changes to the contractual conditions on the supply of electricity and gas sent by the various operators”.

It’s all legal, changes are allowed by law, even for fixed rate contracts. The changes to the contracts, adds the association, foresee “a worsening of the economic conditions offered to consumers”. A kilowatt hour, Consumerismo explains, “is offered at 0.60 euros, when in normal conditions the average price was about 0.22 euros (therefore 300% more)”.

The association therefore advises users «to return as soon as possible to the conditions of protection, both for electricity and for gas. This is because, although the rates are still high, the conditions are regulated by Arera, and the risk of early renegotiation of the economic conditions by the operators is avoided ”.

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