Price increases also for bread and oil, alarm from Sicily: bonuses and apps, the tools to save

The price increases are a sword of Damocles on the heads of Italians, on the future of businesses, on the stability of the economy. But they are already a bitter reality. The price of bread has already risen, other productions end up in the vortex, from oil to wine. And also from Sicily comes the cry of alarm, like the one launched by Assovini. Meanwhile, Coldiretti, Filiera Italia and Unaproa note that due to the increase in prices in the shopping cart of Italians, purchases of fruit and vegetables drop by 11% in 2022 compared to last year.

Italians have reduced the quantities of courgettes by 16%, tomatoes by 12%, potatoes by 9%, carrots by 7% and salads by 4%, while for fruit – Coldiretti, Filiera Italia and Unaproa explain – yes it even recorded an 8% decline for purchases of oranges. Only the fourth range is growing, such as salads in bags, whose sales in the first 6 months of 2022 rose by 7% over the same period of 2021.

But that’s not all: in August 2022, Istat estimates that the national consumer price index records an increase of 0.8% on a monthly basis and of 8.4% on an annual basis from + 7.9% in the month. previous one.

Price of bread, the alarm of the bakers

The bakers asked for interventions within 50 days, otherwise they will be forced to surrender: “We have little time to avoid having to suspend or even close the business,” said the president of Assipan-Confcommercio, Antonio Tassone, speaking on behalf of the thousands of Italian bakers. Their cry of alarm goes hand in hand with the news of the average price increases of + 18% for bread recorded by Eurostat in August in Europe and 13.6% in Italy, mainly due to high energy prices.

Rincari, Assovini Sicilia asks for interventions

“Difficult times are ahead for our companies due to the expensive bills that threaten to nullify not only the post-Covid recovery that revived the first months of the year, but also to question the very continuity of many companies”, says the president of Assovini Sicilia, Laurent Bernard de la Gatinais, pointing out that “the increase in the costs of energy, glass and packaging, as well as the problems of availability of many accessories put the productivity of Sicilian wineries at risk”.
And again: «What matters is to find buffer solutions for the short term and take the path of ecological transition for the medium-long term with the utmost determination». Assovini Sicilia is the spokesperson for the difficulties of the associated companies that encounter an increase in the costs of goods and consumables such as corks, packaging cartons, corks for sparkling wines, labels, machinery, transport and logistics costs.

Oil, clouds on the future of Italian companies

“Among all with these increases in production, extra virgin olive oil for consumption cannot have a price lower than 8.50 euros”. Walter Placida, president of the National Olive Federation of Confragricoltura, raises the alarm for a sector hit first by Xylella, then by the pandemic, followed by drought and the exponential increase in costs, especially energy costs.

«Given the situation – underlines Placida – it is necessary to activate precise strategies. The production, if in the last phase of the production cycle there will be no major adverse weather conditions or plant diseases, has had an average decrease of 30%, which has reached peaks of up to 40% compared to last year. In Puglia and Calabria we recorded production decreases, more slight in Sicily, while in Tuscany the situation is slightly recovering. If the largest oil basin, with about 75% of production, falls, it goes without saying that the overall Italian total will fall. Not to mention the chain price increases that have affected the entire sector, in addition to the exponential growth in the price of diesel and electricity, we have recorded strong increases, which will inevitably also affect consumers, for raw materials linked to packaging ».

Price increases, families in difficulty: aid to save

The rises lead to a complicated autumn and winter for Italian families, who are reviewing their purchasing and consumption habits. Savings are sought, even in food. But there are some tools that can help you keep your expenses down.

This is the case with the bonuses made available by the government. On the transport front, in September the executive launched a bonus of 60 euros which can be used for annual, monthly or multi-month passes for public transport, regional and inter-regional trains and high-speed trains. The requirement to obtain it is to have achieved a total income not exceeding 35 thousand euros in 2021.

The government has also allocated a bonus for electricity and gas bills, confirmed in the Aid ter decree. It is a measure that has raised the Isee ceiling from 12 to 15 thousand euros in order to benefit from the discount, thus involving another 600 thousand families, in addition to those who have already benefited from the bonus in recent months. Among the novelties of the Aid decree ter a one-off bonus of 150 euros which will receive employees who in November will have had a salary not exceeding € 1,538, pensioners and self-employed workers with incomes of less than € 20,000 gross per year.

But not only. To help families with children there is also the single allowance which from January 1, 2023 will be indexed to the dear life, as required by the law that introduced it. With the revaluation, the value of the monthly check could go from the current 175 euros to 190 euros for those with an ISEE up to 15 thousand euros. For families with young children there is also a crèche bonus, which is not included in the single and universal allowance. Families with dependent children can also deduct expenses incurred for education, for sports activities practiced by children between 5 and 18 years of age and for medical ones.

Another measure to help families concerns school books and stationery: buying second-hand texts allows you to save up to 50%. From this year, moreover, the so-called Buy now Pay later is also available for the purchase of books and allows you to pay in installments at zero interest rates.

As far as food is concerned, there are not only offers as a tool to save. In fact, help can also come from the anti-waste apps that sell redundancies at reduced prices at the end of the day or that indicate which points of sale have expiring products on the shelves at discounted prices.

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