price increases of up to 317 euros per month for family-

Strong increases in bills coming with the winter, with increases of up to 120% for families. The combination of the accident that hit the two Nord Stream lines in the Baltic Sea and the new monthly calculation method chosen by Arera for the updating of tariffs (in addition to the lack of gas availability in Italy for the winter season) risk to skyrocket the cost of electricity and gas. The situation is denounced by consumer associations such as Assoutenti, which returns to criticize Arera’s decision on gas tariffs and announces the sting that awaits the Italians.

The monthly calculation of the rates

In fact, starting from October the cost of the raw material component in the bills of gas will be calculated taking into consideration the monthly average of the effective prices of the Italian wholesale market (PSV) and no longer the international quotations (Ttf of Amsterdam). As a result, gas bills for those in greater protection (7.3 million domestic customers) from October will be monthly and no longer bimonthly.

A double-edged sword for Assoutenti. The pipeline accident sent gas prices soaring right behind the tariff updates that will be arranged by Arera with a new calculation method which, being monthly and no longer quarterly and based on the PSV market, exposes users to greater price volatility and therefore to the risk of further price increases, explains the president Furio Truzzi. To all this is added the uncertainty of resources, with the availability of gas that in Italy may not be sufficient to face the winter season, considering that about 15 billion cubic meters are still missing, essential to guarantee national needs, he observes. President. The transition from bi-monthly gas bills to monthly bills would then be a deception “for Italian consumers according to Codacons: It will not produce any positive effect on the cost of energy and make families lose the real perception of the expenditure incurred, only going to benefit of supplier companies to which liquidity will be guaranteed. So much so that the association is preparing an appeal to the Lombardy TAR to block all Arera deeds that authorize companies to send invoices to their customers on a monthly basis.

But by how much could the bills increase? In the next quarter, bills could reach + 60%, with a new high of the price of electricity of 66.6 cents per kWh, 25 cents higher than in the previous quarter. This is Nomisma Energia’s estimate according to which, without government intervention, the surge would even be 100%. In this scenario, every single family in the protected market would find themselves paying an extra 190 euros for light only in the last quarter of the year.

The data from are more worrying, launching the bill alarm in view of the new Arera data. According to the portal’s estimates, the gas bill for customers in the protected market could increase by up to 120%, reaching close to, for the typical family (i.e. a family with 3 kW of committed power and 2,700 kWh of annual consumption) the 317 euros per month. The data emerges from the simulations carried out by the comparator focused on the new calculation method introduced by the Arera.

To understand the actual increase in the price of gas, it is necessary to wait until the beginning of November, when Arera will publish the official data relating to the October PSV, explains Mario Rasimelli, managing director utilities of In any case, this tariff update will only concern the approximately 7 million customers who have a gas supply contract in the protection service; looking at the offers on the free market could, therefore, be a solution to at least partially counter the increases expected for the coming months. To arrive at the figure, calculated the monthly expenditure of a typical family (annual consumption 1,400 smc) by applying the values ​​of the Italian wholesale market last month (2.47 euro / smc); if the conditions remain at these levels also in October, assuming that the other items of expenditure in the bill remain the same, the cost for a single month of gas supply would reach 317 euros, that is 173 euros more than today.

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