Price of Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung’s best phone

Galaxy S23 Ultra This is the most powerful cell phone tool SAMSUNG Currently, according to the company, it is committed to high performance, especially in its camera which integrates the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy processor with a 200MP adaptive pixel sensor along with a powerful set of lenses. How much does this smartphone cost in Mexican pesos?

In its stores, the leading technology company offers this product from 30,000 to 41,000 Mexican pesos, with the option to choose between four available colors inspired by nature, which prioritizes this variation in the price of storage capacity. However, there are other e-commerce platforms that handle this smartphone at prices starting from 20,000 pesos.

What the technology company highlights is an increase in innovation in pursuit of low ecological impact, through a strikingly symmetrical design that bridges a huge gap with recycled and eco-friendly materials. From metal structure to glass finish.

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The design is similar to its predecessor, the S22. The sides, buttons and back cover are made of aluminum. 6.8-inch AMOLED screen that reaches QHD+ resolution of 3,080×1440 pixels. Its adaptive refresh rate ranges from 1 to 120Hz and maximum brightness ranges from an average of 1,200 nits to 1,750 nits.

The camera in this kit is Pro, capturing bright photos and videos from dusk to dawn with an intelligent pixel sensor that adapts to low light with Nightography and dims camera lens flare for sharp shots.

When it comes to epic mobile gaming, it integrates the Snapdragon® 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform for Galaxy that optimizes and streamlines the device for silky-smooth gaming without draining your device’s battery.

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With more sophisticated hardware, software and processing, this Galaxy smartphone takes a massive leap forward in all aspects, establishing the Galaxy S23 series as the new benchmark for high-quality premium smartphones.

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