prices could increase, warns Phil Spencer –

The prices of the subscription a Xbox Game Passfor the purchase of Xbox Series X and S and / or games for green-cross consoles could increase in the future, according to statements by Phil Spencer.

In a live interview with the Wall Street Journal, Spencer suggested the arrival of a possible price increase for Microsoft’s gaming products, however promising that any price hikes will not occur before Christmas timewhich is clearly the most commercially profitable.

“We’ve kept the price of our console, we’ve kept the price on games for our platforms and our subscription. I don’t think we’ll be able to do that forever,” Spencer said, as reported by Tom Warren and Idle Sloth.

“I think at some point we will have to raise some prices on certain things, but in anticipation of the holiday period we thought it was important to keep them stable.”

In August, in response to the PS5 price hike, Phil Spencer assured that there would be no price increases for the Xbox Series X | S. He reiterated the concept also in September, adding that it would not be the right move at a time of great economic difficulty for players:

“… to date we have no intention of increasing the price of our consoles. We think that at a time when users are in the most difficult economic period ever, it would not be the right move”, the words by Spencer.

Let’s be clear, for the moment Spencer has not officially confirmed a price increase for the Xbox consoles, which instead could only concern the games and / or the Xbox Game Pass subscription, which according to many players is sold at a whole price. added content compared to what it offers.

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