Prices skyrocketed. Grocery shopping in the promotion was 22 percent. more expensive

From the analysis of nearly 34 thousand promotional prices in stores collected in the “Index of promotional prices in stores”, made by the analytical and research platform UCE Research Group BLIX and Hiper-Com Poland show that in December last year, promotional purchases in stores were more expensive by an average of 21.9 percent. than in the corresponding period of 2020. Out of 12 analyzed categories, as many as 11 became more expensive, and only 1 became cheaper – it was stated.

According to the authors of the analysis, they shot up the most prices of fatty products – on average by nearly 70 percent “Most of the increases were double-digit. For the so-called other articles, customers paid more than 41% more after discounts. Promotional meat prices increased by over 25 percent. Every year, dairy products by almost 22 percent, vegetables by over 21 percent (including potatoes by 44.9%, onions by 44.3%). Behind drugs in December, customers paid less than 20 percent. (including for black tea by 41.7%), while for drinks in the promotion, customers paid 14 percent. more than a year ago, and for fruit by 11 percent more “- they reported.

As they added, single-digit increases concerned three categories, i.e. bread, food additives and household chemicals. In December, they only fell loose products – by over 2 percent yy.

According to Marcin Lenkiewicz from the BLIX Group, the increases reflect the increases in regular prices. – Poles are used to discounts and expect them. Meanwhile, the costs borne by the producers increased significantly, so retail chains, despite their strong negotiating position, were forced to buy more expensive – he pointed out. He added that rebate campaigns will not disappear from the market, while purchase costs will continue to grow after discounts. – So far, promotional prices have gone up more than 2.5 times more than the regular ones – he noted.

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The analysis shows that in December last year compared to the same period of 2020, the prices of fat products increased the most – by as much as 67.2 percent. It was particularly visible in the case of oil, which grew by as much as 85.4%, butter increased by 42.9% and baking margarine by 35.2%. Among meats, with an average price of 25.4 percent, the highest percentage jump was made by veal (34.8 percent), poultry by 23 percent, and beef by 21.5 percent. y / y, and pork by 5.6 percent. – given.

According to Katarzyna Grochowska from Hiper-Com Poland, none of the highly expensive categories is surprising. – Inflation combined with climatic factors and rising costs of production, cultivation, breeding, transport and storage mean increases, their level also depends on additional, often local issues – she noted.

As pointed out by Krzysztof Łuczak from the BLIX Group, single-digit increases in the bread category (7.9% y / y) are temporary. – Due to abrupt increases from January this year. gas and electricity prices, which will drive up the costs of running a bakery, it should be expected that this category will also increase quickly, even in promotion – the expert estimates.

Łuczak pointed out that the sugar tax introduced a year ago has visibly reduced the demand for sweetened drinks. – Sugar producers, wanting to maintain the sales volume, offer more attractive prices, so retail chains could offer greater reductions to encourage more purchases, especially during the Christmas and New Year period, which caused sugar to drop by 6.9 percent y / y.

According to Grochowska, increases in promotional prices will be slower at the beginning of this year due to the reduction of VAT and indirect taxes on fuel, gas and electricity. – However, it should be remembered that these are the assumptions of the inflation shield, after its expiry the dynamics will increase. And despite these measures, the current inflation, increases in the costs of running a business, coal prices and CO2 emission allowances will constantly cause increases in stores – she assessed.

The data comes from the “Index of promotional prices in shops”, which compares the promotional prices of 12 categories and 45 products. In total, over 20.5 thousand. rebate shares, over 33.7 thousand. prices displayed in promotions. The analysis covered all discount stores, hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience and cash & carry chains operating in 16 provinces on the market.

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